‘You’ve got a problem’: Simon Jordan gets into Birmingham City ownership situation

Simon Jordan believes Birmingham City’s current ownership situation is “flawed”. Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace chairman says the Blues have been suffering from a “disturbance” since Carson Yeung took over in 2009, but maintains the team should have done better under lee bowyer last season.

The Blues head coach was interviewed by talkSPORT about him white and jordan show, time during which he insisted the club will have to cut costs again due to financial fair play restrictions. Bowyer also admitted to overhearing acquisition talk “behind the scenes,” but vowed to continue doing his job in preparation for the upcoming season.

While Jordan admits that the role of Blues is difficult, he pointed out the fact Blues they benefited from point deductions applied to their rivals in the Championship. “He has to have the tools, he absolutely has to have the tools,” Jordan said.

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“But in the same way, we questioned and I questioned, and Lee turned it down when he went live about his choice to leave Charlton and go to Birmingham, I felt like I jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. It’s not an agenda against Birmingham City because I had a problem with them once a long, long time ago.

“It’s because I looked at the dynamics of their ownership model and it’s been a flawed position for some time. This latent and underlying resentment towards property is not something new. Disruption in that football club is not something that hasn’t been happening for some time, from Carson Yeung to where they are now. You have a problem.

“And Lee jumping out of Charlton football club, and we don’t know what was going on with him and [Thomas] Sandgaard, it could have been a legitimate transaction that he basically wouldn’t get along with either. You can’t tell, and I like Lee, I think he’s very direct, to the point, I don’t know enough about his teams in terms of how they play to make a critical observation of how tactically adept he is. – But he went to Birmingham and last year, when he joined Birmingham for the first time, he had some problems. And then he had some wins and everyone was like, ‘Look at Jordan, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

“This season they’ve come back, they’ve come back, they’ve finished lower in the league than when they came in the middle of the season. So he is not on a path that is based on success. He will point out many reasons behind that.

“I think he has to do his job better than he is currently doing. His job is to develop players, work with what he has and if finishing fifth or sixth from the bottom of the league is the answer with the group of players that he has, I think he has to be a little more honest than that. I think they should have done more.

“I know they have problems, I know they have challenges, but so do many football clubs in the Championship. With all due respect, Derby would have gotten as many points as Birmingham without a 21-point penalty and Derby has virtually no players of real importance apart from older, more experienced players.

“Developing young players, when [Iain] Dowie came to Palace when I brought him in 2003, we had five 17-year-olds in the first team and we were promoted that season. Don’t tell me young players are a problem for you because you can develop teams and as long as you have the right management and leadership credentials and some players there to be able to counter the inexperience of young players, young players. It is no excuse not to build a lateral.

“I like Lee Bowyer’s no-nonsense approach and I’m sure he has challenges and I’m sure in an ideal world he wouldn’t be the way he is. But the difference is that you bring in someone to bridge that gap.

“If it’s an ideal world and everything is the way you want it, then all of us could manage. Not that, most places and most spaces in all walks of life are less than ideal. The good ones make that less of an ideal and an obstacle they don’t fall through. But Lee Bowyer, I think, will do that. I think he will do that.”

The Blues finished in 20th position, 13 points ahead of Derby and six ahead of Reading, who were deducted six points.

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