Why there will be no additions to the All Blacks snagging ranks this year

Ian Foster has understandably withheld the seasoned duo from code taylor Y Dane Coles in it All the black people start-up since taking over from Steve Hansen in 2020, but now, with less than 18 months to go until the next World Cup, those two faded figures will be seriously looked at under the microscope.

Thanks to the All Blacks’ extended away season last year, Foster was able to use four different call girls during the trial campaign.

At one end of the experience spectrum were Taylor, 31, and Coles, 35, who racked up almost 150 test matches between them. About the other two 24-year-olds who had yet to start a test match, Asafo Aumuá and Samisoni Taukei’aho.

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What the All Blacks squad might look like halfway through Super Rugby Pacific.

Injuries meant Coles was only available for the first and last tests of the campaign, so despite the Wellingtonian apparently putting their nose up against Taylor as the No. 2 second choice during the condensed 2020 season, it was Taylor who finished 2021 with a lot and Away from most of the test starts in his name, accumulating nine throughout the year. Taukei’aho, who only joined the team following Coles’ injury earlier in the season, emerged as the clear backup, making eight appearances off the bench, more than the other three hookers combined.

However, despite Taylor’s continued selection as a starting rake, the Crusader was never at his best all year. While his industry remained high, his effectiveness was somewhat hampered in all aspects of the game. His lineout accuracy was not at its best, his dynamic handling of the ball, for so long a hallmark of his game, was nowhere to be seen, and his hands let him down on more than one occasion, sometimes in especially costly situations as in the second test against South Africa when a simple knockdown by Taylor gave the Springboks the territory they needed for their first try of the match.

It would be unnecessarily hasty to immediately attribute Taylor’s lack of form last year to his age and suggest he is now over the hill. 2021 was an incredibly long and interrupted season and there were a limited number of All Blacks covered in glory, despite a relatively successful win rate throughout the year.

However, on the other hand, it would not be wise to leave out the events of 2021 either.

Should Taylor travel to France with the All Blacks for next year’s Rugby World Cup, he will be 32 years old.

The top two prostitutes from South Africa in the 2019 tournament, Bongi Mbonambi and malcolm marx They were 28 and 25.

In 2015, the two rakes used by the All Blacks throughout the World Cup round of 16, Coles and Mealamu, were 28 and 36.

Between 2003 and 2011, the youngest hooker used by a winning team in a World Cup final was 23 (Bismark du Plessis in 2007) and the oldest 36 (Dorian West). It should be noted, however, that from 2003 to 2019, Mealamu has been the only hooker over the age of 30 to start in a final.

All indications are that Taylor won’t be wearing the No. 2 jersey in France next year for the All Blacks when the sudden-death stages of the tournament roll around, and it would be a huge surprise (and in some ways, an indictment in the making). in New Zealand currently) if both he and Coles make the traveling team.

While Coles hasn’t even appeared in this year’s edition. super rugby Still in the Pacific season, Taylor hasn’t exactly started after last season’s disappointment. Having said that, the trend in recent years has seen the top-flight All Blacks strap on around the midpoint of Super Rugby and then fade as the year progresses, so perhaps Taylor’s disappointing form to date date actually bodes well for the rest of the season.

In the rest of the country, Taukei’aho has been quietly ticking away for the bosses and Aumua has been carrying a heavy load for the Hurricanes (but will now spend three weeks on the sidelines following a dangerous tackle over the weekend. Former All Black Liam Coltman has been the main number 2 for the Highlanders while it is Blues rake Kurt Ecklund who has been earning the most plaudits, though that’s mostly due to his impressive try-scoring efforts.

Eklund, however, has been one of the best Blues players this year, even if you ignore the six attempts he’s made because of his struggles, and he compares favorably in many ways to the rest of the prostitutes across the country.

On the defensive side of things, Eklund is averaging nine tackles per game, the most of any hooker in the country, along with James O’Reilly and Brodie McAlister. The fact that all seven of Eklund’s appearances have been on the running side helps his numbers, but bench players often try to assert themselves by taking on defensive duties once they get into the fray and we often see reserve rakes coming with 20 to There are 30 minutes left in a game, so the numbers aren’t significantly misleading by any stretch of the imagination.

While Taylor’s eight tacklers per game rank just below Eklund on the scale, Taukei’aho and Aumua fall well behind, averaging five and six tackles per game, respectively.

In the breakdown, Eklund also excels, hitting 14 defensive rucks per match (one short of the 100 mark for the season). only the crusaders the duo of Taylor and McAlister outclass Eklund in this area, while Coltman (14) and Aumua (11) aren’t far off the pace either. Meanwhile, Taukei’aho’s five-per-game is way down the pecking order. Importantly, Eklund is also breaking down first more than any other prostitute in the country.

On defence, Eklund is the most aggressive in the country when it comes to contesting the ball from the opposition, averaging six per game, twice as many as All Blacks Taukei’aho, Coltman, Aumua and Taylor, who collectively occupy the second place in the number of defenders. breakdowns hit. Unsurprisingly, Eklund has earned the most turnovers this season from New Zealand’s rakes (but has also conceded the most penalties), with five to his name. Coltman and young tyro bosses tyrone thompson Both have won four for their franchises.

Eklund is the kind of whore who could break into the national team and probably wouldn’t disappoint anyone, although at 30, that’s a highly unlikely scenario.

While the All Blacks selectors undoubtedly love seeing prostitutes across the country go through a lot of industry, it’s hard to imagine Foster going for a number 2 who isn’t a dynamic ball carrier. Coles, Taylor, Aumua and Taukei’aho all rose to the national team based on their prowess with the ball in their hands, and that’s the area where Eklund is certainly less effective than his contemporaries.

Eklund is averaging less than a meter gained after contact per carry, while Taylor, Aumua and Taukei’aho are all sitting around the 2.5 meter mark. Thompson, who has made four appearances off the bench for the Chiefs, is averaging 3.77 yards per carry after contact.

Taukei’aho is also the best prostitute in the country to break the win line (and among the top five players in Pacific Super Rugby overall), about 36 percent of the time, while Eklund’s 11 percent puts him near the bottom of the rankings.

Were it not for the fact that the All Blacks have really struggled to exert their physicality on their opposition in recent years, Eklund could be the exact type of player that would be incredibly useful to have on deck, but given the team’s struggles against Like England, Ireland, France and South Africa, they will inevitably opt for bigger men like Taukei’aho and Aumua. Even if they aren’t having as much trouble making as many tackles as someone like Eklund, their strength is irrefutable.

Taylor’s win line stats for the Crusaders this season sit halfway between Eklund and the duo of Taukei’aho and Aumua. In fact, that’s generally where Taylor occupies in most facets of his game today. He is a busy defender, always ready to raise his hand to carry the ball, and never shies away from hitting the break and while he may not be up to his usual standards with the ball in hand, he is still no slouch. Particularly in the Crusaders’ most recent game against the Blues, the game this season that has been most akin to a test match, Taylor seemed to be hitting his straps, with Taylor racking up the most post-contact meters of any forward. in the park.

It’s true that Taylor’s lineout work has been well below average this season, with him and Aumua making the most mistakes of the New Zealand rakes, but it would be hard to put it down to his age and Foster and the All Blacks coaches will be confident they can do it. fix problems that have suddenly appeared in your game.

With the World Cup scheduled to start in September next year, now is the time to work on either Samisoni Taukei’aho o Asafo Aumua in a title role. unlike accessoriesthose two young prostitutes have already had a solid apprenticeship with the All Blacks and should be able to go live in 2022.

History indicates that Codie Taylor, the man who has been such an important member of New Zealand’s forward pack in years past, probably won’t be in a position to start in the crucial matches of next year’s tournament just yet, but he or Dane Coles yes they will be. he will remain an important member of the squad at France 2023.

Possible prostitutes for the All Blacks July squad: code taylor, Samisoni Taukei’ahoAsafo Aumuá


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