Why Batwoman Was Canceled And The Chances Of Season 4 Or A Movie

batwoman spoilers follow.

One of Gotham’s best has fallen. That’s how it is, shortly after The CW renewed their shows I like it The flash Y Riverdaleit was confirmed that batwoman I would not return to them at the end of this year.

The news came after a few weeks of uncertainty about the show’s future. Fans even launched a #RenewBatwoman campaign online., hoping this can help convince The CW to make season four a reality. But on April 29, showrunner Caroline Dries was the first to talk about batwoman premature cancellation.

In the tweet, she wrote: “Just received the sad news that #Batwoman will not see an s4. I am sad, but full of gratitude. What an honor to do 51 episodes. So many inspiring and brilliant people contributed to this series. Thank you producers, cast and crew. Thank you fans! We love you.”

batwoman cast members quickly followed suit, including Rachel Skarsten, who tweeted: “Thank you to each and every one of you who supported and loved the show over the years. I loved playing Alice and will miss her dearly.”

camrus johnson also spokestating that: “It was an honor to play a black superhero, something we’ve always had very little of and always wanted many more of. Thank you to my cast, crew, Caroline, Team Berlanti, DC, WB and CW for the laughs and doors.” open, and BATFAMMM remember this… you are ‘literal perfection.'”

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Batwoman herself, Javicia Leslie, shared a touching Instagram publication that included a series of photos and videos taken on the set.

“I was taught that words have power and we talk about our lives,” he wrote. “Well, I talked about this role in my life, and what an honor it has been to see it unfold exactly as it was meant to. Family, this Bat Team is ours. THEIR story was made and it can never be taken away.”

The post ended with this positive outlook towards a future beyond batwoman: “Viola Davis recently said in an interview when asked why representation is important: ‘Because you need to see a physical manifestation of your dream. There’s something about seeing someone who looks like you that makes it more tangible.’ … Cheers for what’s next.”

But how did this cancellation happen in the first place?

Why batwoman it was cancelled

ryan wilder, sophie moore, batwoman, season 3

Warner Bros.

Well, generally speaking, the future of the arrowverse it’s been in doubt for a while now anyway. And now, following the end of both batwoman Y legends of tomorrowonly four shows left: The flash, Naomi, Star Girl Y superman and lois.

Of all these shows, The flash it’s the only one that’s really rooted in that original world, and it looks like even the Scarlet Speedster will soon be gone. That leaves three shows that essentially stand on their own, including Naomiwhich worryingly also hasn’t received a second season renewal yet.

A key reason for all of this could be that The CW is for sale. Nexstar is in talks to buy a majority stake in the network, and Warner Bros., the current co-owner, has also seen a number of executive changes following its acquisition by Discovery. Given all this behind-the-scenes shuffling, it should come as no surprise that relatively high-budget superhero shows like batwoman It would end up on the cutting board.

batwomanRatings have also dropped since the second season, but they haven’t been noticeably worse than other CW shows like Riverdale Y NancyDrew, One of each one made end up renewing

It might not help that The CW recently ordered another Batman-adjacent pilot for a new show called gotham knights

While that one is set in a near-future version of Gotham City, I’d expect a fair amount of overlap between the characters and settings used in these two shows. Although, saying that, gotham knights might not even go ahead if the pilot isn’t picked up soon, which would batwomanThe cancellation is even more disappointing.

But what would have happened if batwoman had it continued after all?

it would batwoman season 4 have seemed?

ryan wilder, sophie moore, batwoman, season 3

Warner Bros.

Before the cancellation was made official, showrunner Caroline Dries joked (via ew) that Ryan’s growing family would continue to play a key role in future episodes.

“[Ryan reuniting with her biological family] It was more important to us… Ryan having a biological family, in my opinion, enriches his character and broadens his world,” Dries said, before hinting that Ryan’s biological father could also come into play.

chatting with digital spyactor Nick Creegan shared his own hopes for the fourth seasonincluding another villainous twist for his character.

“What I’m hoping is that Marquis manipulates everyone into thinking that buzzer of joy worked, and he’ll just start wreaking havoc again…Alice and Marquis go back and see each other, and they both freak out again together, but maybe even crazier.”

“Maybe they can have this understudy… There’s the Batteam, and then there’s the Anti-Batteam,” Creegan continued. “Maybe there’s an alternate Bat-cave or something they create. You have this whole reign of destruction against Batwoman and her people. That’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t want to be good.”

But what if we could still see these stories unfold one day? And yes batwoman could I somehow still come back?

How batwoman could continue beyond its cancellation

ryan wilder, sophie moore, batwoman, season 3

Warner Bros.

Of course, Javicia Leslie and even some of her co-stars could always return for brief cameos or guest roles on other Arrowverse shows. But, as mentioned above, that universe has begun to shrink rapidly on screen, making these opportunities less and less likely.

However, that doesn’t mean Batwoman season four can’t materialize elsewhere. In fact, there’s little stopping HBO Max from picking up the show for another run, because that streaming service is owned by Warner Bros., which currently co-owns The CW with ViacomCBS. Of course, that could change, and there would potentially be some rights wrangling involved, but at least there is some precedent for this.

Following the demise of the DC Universe streaming service, HBO Max picked up several of its originals, including doom patrol Y harley quinn. Given the strength of that DC roster, a new batwoman The season, or even a final movie to wrap it all up, could be the perfect fit for HBO Max.

Fans are also extremely aware of this, which is why they launched a new campaign called #SaveBatwoman online. And if you want to see more of Batwoman on screen yourself, we encourage you to make your voice heard online as well.

Because, yeah, it’s always painful to see a show end early, and batwoman has faced more challenges than most. But beyond even that, there was something truly remarkable about watching a show that celebrated black queer women at its core, particularly in a genre still overrun with white, straight, cisgender heroes.

As Javicia herself said in that initial cancellation post: “words have power and we say our life exists” so why not use some of that power online to help give batwoman a second chance?

batwoman airs on The CW in the US and E4 in the UK.

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