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Whatfix announced the acquisition of Leap.is (formerly Jiny.io), a mobile-first onboarding and support platform that brings the value of digital adoption platforms to mobile apps. The deal marks the first acquisition focused on Whatfix’s mobile DAP product, as well as its largest M&A deal to date.

Mobile expansion details

The acquisition will enhance the company’s platform by expanding Whatfix’s mobile capabilities. Leap’s toolset will seamlessly integrate with existing Whatfix apps by adding targeting to mobile apps to improve activations and adoption, reduce shipping time for onboarding experiences, and increase personalization of customer experiences. general user.

“The shift to mobile devices is one of the biggest business dynamics in recent years, especially amid the expansion of remote work,” said Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder of Whatfix. “We look forward to bringing on board the Leap team to increase our mobile capabilities and sharpen our focus on this absolutely essential segment.”

This acquisition follows an extremely successful year for Whatfix, during which the company achieved 76% year-over-year growth in revenue, 85% increase in new business revenue, and 250% increase in new business revenue. existing. Other milestones include closing new partnerships and enterprise clients, earning recognition from top analyst firms, and winning several industry awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

“Whatfix is ​​the industry’s leading digital adoption platform (DAP) and we are delighted to join forces with Whatfix to help extend its DAP leadership to mobile devices,” said Kushargra Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Leap. “Our common goal has always been to accelerate user adoption of software products and Leap’s mobile offering is a perfect fit with Whatfix’s desktop and browser offerings. Joining Whatfix feels like a natural progression on our journey.”

Web and desktop expansions

As part of the company’s continued product innovation, Whatfix also launched Whatfix Studio, a more intuitive and powerful iteration of the current content editor. Studio is built on a low-code platform, allowing content creators to take full advantage of its capabilities with little to no technical skills. The easy-to-use UI allows creators to seamlessly design personalized end-to-end journeys for end users. Whatfix Studio reduces content creation time, improves the quality of content and experiences, and helps improve user engagement in the applications it is deployed in.

Whatfix is ​​also introducing a significant revamp to its desktop offering. This is intended to make the app more scalable and stable, while also providing the foundation for robust new capabilities and bringing Whatfix’s desktop capabilities on par with the web experience. With this renewal, Whatfix extends its DAP offering to all apps running on Windows 10 and provides out-of-the-box support for popular ERPs like SAP ERP and collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, Whatfix is ​​launching the Whatfix Hub, a centralized platform for user support and engagement. With Whatfix Hub, companies can provide their users with guidance on all web and desktop applications that Whatfix is ​​enabled on, directly from the user’s desktop. Customers can also use Hub to enhance their employee onboarding experience and drive ongoing engagement through targeted communication right at the employee’s desk.

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