‘Voice of the Net’ to premiere at the Dublin Community Recreation Center

Bobby Loyd (as Detective Carter) and Julie Whitney Scott (Sgt. Donna Lloyd) at the Abbey Theater in Dublin and Original Productions Theater's co-production of the new play “Voice of the Net”.

“The Voice of the Network”, by the local playwright Jeremy Llorenceimagine a future more twisted by the dark side of the internet than the current one.

Abbey Theater in Dublin and Original Productions Theater are co-producing the world premiere of the sci-fi suspense thriller, opening Thursday at the Dublin Community Recreation Center.

Set 20 years from now, primarily in the Midwest, “Voice of the Net” revolves around cyber threats, a mysterious cyber vigilante, and a small federal task force dedicated to combating Internet crime.

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“This engaging play speaks to how reliant we have become on the internet and technology and how there may be negative consequences down the line,” said Alyssa Ryan, Executive Director of Original Productions Theatre.

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