“Tried Queen’s Royal Bedtime Routine: I slept better than I have in weeks”

Like many people I struggle to fall asleep at night, with too much 1 scrolling inevitably leaving me grey-faced and yawning when I open my inbox.

When I was looking to correct my non-existent bedtime regimen, I realized I could do worse than follow the example of Her Majesty the Queena famously energetic woman who has continued to ride horses and engage in high-profile engagements well into the 1990s.

With sleep Being a vital component of overall health, I decided to follow Queen Elizabeth’s bedtime ritual as closely as possible without the aid of servants or corgis, beginning with a brisk evening walk.

It has been reported that, when the Queen finds it difficult to sleep, she takes invigorating walks around the palace grounds.

According to a 2017 article in The times, once a guard mistook her for an intruder during one of his nightly strolls, prompting him to exclaim, “Damn, Your Majesty, I almost shot him!”

These risks aside, taking an evening walk is generally considered a solid way to relax. Although I unfortunately don’t have any extensive land to speak of, I needed to cut to morrison which surely adds up to a good stretch of Balmoral, if less picturesque.

Queen Elizabeth has the right idea when it comes to spending a relaxing evening in


Julia Banim)

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After returning from my majestic ride, I showered and changed into the kind of nightgown Her Majesty might well approve of.

although we don’t know exactly Michael Fagan, who broke into the Monarch’s bedroom in 1982, gave insight into what kinds of things the Queen uses to sleep.

During a 2020 interview with the independent Fagan recalled: “Her nightgown was one of those Liberty prints and it came down to her knees.”

I can’t afford Liberty fabric but I managed to get a knee length floral nightgown online – a far cry from my usual mismatched Christmas pajamas.

An evening stroll is widely regarded as an ideal way to unwind, and it seems the Queen agrees.

The light, feminine beauty of the nightgown strangely made me feel rather calm, in a nostalgic way that made me want to brush my hair properly and apply eye cream. Then, feeling curiously elegant, and dare I say Royal, I settled down for the night.

While you relax, Her Majesty will take the time to catch up on her correspondence.

According to a 2018 online mail Article , The Queen often spends part of her afternoon working on her ‘boxes’, which contain correspondence from various government departments in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

I was quite pleased with my queen nightgown, which was much prettier than my usual pajamas.


Julia Banim)

Making sure to update my correspondence helped me enjoy the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for a call from the Prime Minister. boris johnson asking my opinion on matters of state, but find a normal personal alternative: WhatsApp.

Being an introvert, correspondence is something I’m pretty bad at. As much as I love my friends, sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming to respond to group chats after a full day at work, and I’m guilty of procrastinating on responses.

However, knowing that the Queen would never shirk such duties, I made sure to catch up on all my messages. I felt much better for it.

Then, like Lizzie herself, I went into total relaxation mode around 9 pm, settling down in front of the TV with a hot water bottle on my lap.

According to a 1992 vanity fair article, the monarch always makes sure to pack a hot water bottle on her travels, which is slipped into her bed ready for her.

I myself am partial to a hot water bottle, however as a stress head who rarely takes the time to take care of myself, I often forget about those little luxuries.

Even on a warm May night, the heat was very relaxing and transported me directly to a cozy town.

The Queen enjoys looking for bugs at Downton Abbey


Julia Banim)

When it comes to television, the Queen is said to be a fan of shows like Daddy’s Army, Doctor Who, The Last Wine of Summer, Y Downton Abbey.

I decided myself city ​​center , with the calm of the title music and dreamy interiors that immerse me in the TV equivalent of a fancy, very sudsy bath. An excellent suggestion, ma’am.

According to a 2015 article in The Telegraph, Her Majesty likes to point out “things they’ve got wrong, partly because she’s familiar with Highclere Castle, where it’s filmed.” My own knowledge of stately homes is sadly decidedly less impressive.

The Queen’s late cousin, Margaret Rhodes, has previously claimed that the monarch drinks a glass of champagne every night before bed.

However, it is unclear which brand of champagne he chooses, according to town and country magazine, Bollinger, Krug, Lanson and Pol Roger, have received royal orders over the years.

Now, I’m not one to drink sodas unless I’m at a party, but this little indulgence intrigued me. I poured myself a glass of prosecco as I lay on the sofa and suddenly I felt very majestic.

While I’m certainly not advocating drinking to help you sleep every night, I soon felt my problems melt away and realized I preferred it to my usual drink at home, rosé. Admittedly, I poured myself a cheeky second glass.

I could get quite used to a bit of brightness at night.


Julia Banim)

Her Majesty always makes sure to pack a hot water bottle on her travels.


Julia Banim)

By 11pm, the Queen is reportedly tucked into bed, making sure she has a solid eight and a half hours before the 7:30am alarm.

However, before falling asleep, she enjoys a little reading, as the 96-year-old has a special fondness for Dick Francis, the author of a series of mystery novels centered on horse racing.

I’m not entirely sure what she would think of the novel on my nightstand, the darkly comic Bella Mackie novel. how to kill your family . However, since he is said to enjoy detective fiction, I’m sure he doesn’t mind a bloody narrative from time to time.

I also made sure to read some magazine articles about the upcoming jubilee, reading material that I am sure she would find very suitable.

I love reading to myself, but too often I find myself scrolling through Twitter in the last ten minutes of my waking day instead.

Spending a bit of my time reading felt so much better, and will definitely be something I’ll take with me into my usual commoner bedtime regimen.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many horses in my bedtime reading.

The next day, I actually felt more refreshed than I had all week, with a positive mindset that I rarely have before 9am. With this in mind, I will definitely incorporate some of your bedtime rituals in the future.

Like many people, I am often too busy to think about a nightly regimen per se, so I often feel unnecessarily stressed until the moment I close my eyes. I have learned, of course, that this is counterproductive.

Taking time for the little comforts helped put me in the right frame of mind for quality sleep, and I even had more vivid and pleasurable dreams than I normally would.

Of course, I may have to trade the bubbles for lemonade until my Lottery numbers come through…

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