Top Four Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology for Ecommerce Stores

If you think that cloud computing has no application or utility in e-commerce, think again. With Covid-19 accelerating the adoption of cloud across business verticals and increasing sales in the process, eCommerce is not far behind. McKinsey research claims that 10 years of eCommerce adoption was compressed into three months. Additional research claims that the global e-commerce market has reached $26.7 trillion. Furthermore, the data further indicates that for around 90% of those surveyed, enterprise cloud usage will skyrocket in 2021.

From an e-commerce perspective, several factors are contributing to the skyrocketing growth in cloud adoption. There is a drastic change in consumer behavior, including changes in consumer demands, an increased need for convenience-based shopping, and widespread acceptance of technology solutions. But how does cloud computing fit into the e-commerce puzzle? That is how:

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