The secrets of the Queen’s Jubilee as Paul Burrell shares details inside the historic event

Paul Burrell shared inside details of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and spoke about the Monarch’s meeting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Queen’s Jubilee: Paul Burrell on the feud between William and Harry

Former royal assistant Paul Burrell has shared everything that’s going on behind the scenes for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at Buckingham Palace.

Celebrations for the Monarch’s milestone began on Thursday morning, with Her Majesty the Queen and the royals set to join in for proceedings over the weekend.

Paul also touched on the recent royal “fight” drama surrounding Meghan Markle Y prince harry and her move to the US, insisting the Queen wanted her grandson and his wife to attend, suggesting she wants to “soften” any issues.

Speaking about Lorraine to host Ranvir Singh on Thursday, Paul detailed what Her Majesty The Queen would be doing in the run-up to the celebrations, behind closed doors.

Former royal assistant Paul Burrell has shared everything going on behind the scenes for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.



With all the Royals looking forward to celebrating alongside her, and a weekend full of celebrations, Paul shared his thoughts on how the Queen would pass the milestone.

He said: “[The Queen’s] dresser will be preparing your clothes, the special suit that has been made for the jubilee.

A strong color so that the queen can be seen in the crowd. They will take her to her dressing room, Her Majesty will have had breakfast.

Monarch milestone celebrations kicked off Thursday morning



“He’ll be relaxing, probably doing his government boxes, still working, until the last minute, and then he’s going to Buckingham Palace.

“That room behind the balcony that no one ever sees is empty. There is only one small table inside because that is the corral where he gathers everyone and puts them all in their place, and the owner of the house will tell him: ‘Now is the time, His Majesty.’

“The pages will open those windows and she will go out on the balcony. Everybody knows their place, everybody knows where they need to stand and so there is no hassle and no hassle, everything is very organized. Organized by her.”

Ranvir asked if he thought the Queen would still be “humbled” by the Jubilee celebration, to which he replied, “Yes. She loves people.”

Paul shared his thoughts on how the Queen would spend the milestone celebration.



“She likes to be interested in their lives. Her nation’s response will honor her. Her people are very important to her.”

Paul also spoke about Meghan and Harry’s arrival, sharing his belief that there would be a “thaw” between Harry and his brother, Prince William, when they reunite.

He explained: “She sent her personal car to pick them up, she wants them here. This is a big moment for the Queen and Harry, their personal relationship.”

“The queen loves Harry very much, adores him and always answers his calls. As a grandmother, she loves that little unit, but she is also a queen. It is her jubilee. We must not be distracted from that.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance.

“The queen wants a quiet passage. She doesn’t like fuss and hassle. She likes to stay in the background. She doesn’t like rough waters, she doesn’t like family conflicts, so she wants to smooth it out.

“Of course she sent a car to get [Harry and Meghan when they arrived in the UK] – She did not expect them to return in a taxi so yes, she would do things like that.

“But there will be a very nice atmosphere behind closed doors because of what has been said in the past.

“Some of the royal family have been burned by what Harry and Meghan have said, especially on Oprah, and they don’t like it, so they will be very careful what is said in front of them now.”

Lorraine airs Monday to Friday at 9am on ITV and the ITV Hub.

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