The sadness and 10 must-see horror movies to stream in May 2022!

The sadness is coming to Shudder, plus more horror gems to stream May 2022!

The weather is already heating up, as are the streaming services when it comes to horror programming. That means an incredible selection of titles to check out this month, from rare slashers coming in late May to hidden gems you might have missed. Consider this month’s picks for the horror fan who has seen it all.

Here are ten must-see horror titles available this month on some of the most popular streaming services, and when and where you can catch them.

Caliber – Netflix

A Scottish thriller in which a horrific accident turns a weekend hunting trip into a thrilling descent into paranoia for old friends Marcus and Vaughn. Caliber is a compelling and well-executed suspense story. The suspense of this hair-raising story cannot be understated. The palpable tension and brutal moments put it on the fringes of the genre, making it a very worthwhile watch that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

the lure – HBO Max, Criterion Channel

Hans Christian Andersen’s original version of The little Mermaid wasn’t quite the uplifting story that’s been made in decades, and Agnieszka Smoczynska’s film debut sticks to the origin story as it takes place in a 1980s Polish cabaret. Mermaid sisters Golden and Silver arrive in the shore and fall in love with a nightclub band. One falls in love, the other covets human flesh, but both become rising stars. He’s a genre-bender who isn’t afraid to get weird, gory, and downright tragic.

Sauna – AMC+

This Finnish period horror follows two brothers, Knut and Eerik, on their quest to mark the border between Finland and Russia after a 25-year war between the countries is finally over. On their journey, they come across a swamp town with a mysterious sauna that they hope to use to cleanse their sins of war. Full confession; I still don’t know if I fully grasp everything presented in Sauna. It is abstract and non-linear in narrative and explores the cost of guilt in a unique way. But the atmosphere is oppressive and unsettling, offering some of the most impressive cinematography.

Thelma – Hulu

Joachim Trier’s supernatural thriller shares similarities with carrie. The plot sees a sheltered Thelma leaving home for the first time for college, only to discover that she has strange powers when she first falls in love with her. Trier asks thought-provoking questions about morality as he doles out the mystery of Thelma’s childhood, making you really feel for her struggle with self-discovery. Thelma makes a perfect match with the next the inocentsa chilling tale written and directed by Thelma co-writer Eskil Vogt.

Trip – Netflix

Spouses Lisa (Noomi Rapace) and Lars (Aksel Hennie) head to a remote family cabin to reconnect, unaware that the other is plotting a murder. Just as their murder plans begin, a more significant threat arrives in the form of escaped convicts. Directed and co-written by Tommy Wirkola (dead snow), is marriage counseling at its most violent and fun. Rapace is having a lot of fun as the murderous wife who constantly cheats on those around her. She takes as much beating as she deals. In other words, Trip is a wonder Catch it before Wirkola’s next Christmas thriller violent night.

uzumaki – First video

Proving that J-horror is more than just long-haired vengeful ghosts, uzumaki (also know as Spiral) is a surreal adaptation of Junji Ito’s renowned horror manga of the same name. Not a movie for those looking for something more linear in plot with cohesive responses, but rather a trip into madness. The narrative consists of four parts of a town obsessed and tormented by spirals. Yes. Spirals. It’s weird, offbeat and totally unique. Familiarize yourself with this strange story before the next animated adaptation.

The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion – Netflix

A genre bender written and directed by Park Hoon-jung, the screenwriter behind the excellent and haunting i saw the devil. While The witch: subversion it’s not so gloomy, it has a biting edge of darkness. The plot follows an amnesiac teenager whose memories of her come back to haunt her viscerally when she enters a reality show singing competition. Dangerous people from her forgotten past come after her, sparking an intense battle. With Part 2 finally on the way this summer, now is the perfect time to revisit.

Popcorn – Shudder (May 9)

Horror stalwart Jill Schoelen stars as Maggie Butler, a film student with the ambition to transform her recurring nightmares into her first feature film. Her classmate Toby D’Amato (Tom Villard) comes up with the idea of ​​organizing an all-night horror marathon, complete with William Castle-esque stunts, to raise funds. However, what should have been a successful fundraiser turns into a night of terror when a deranged killer with a penchant for disguises begins taking out the film class one by one. This ’90s slasher brings the fun, along with clever kills set in a theater packed with horror fans. Do not miss it.

The sadness – Shudder (May 12)

sadness may 2022

A pandemic virus mutates, shattering the inhibitions of the afflicted and transforming them into sadistic killers. Kat (Regina Lei) and Jim (Berant Zhu) are at the center of a story, two lovers trying to reunite in the midst of utter depraved chaos. Nothing will prepare for the delusional madness that follows. Director Rob Jabbaz wastes no time unleashing disgusting horror, smashing every content warning button in the process. The sadness it is a vicious anthem that holds you in its grip, forces you to look into the abyss and dares you to look away.

girls night – ARROW (May 16)

If you’re a fan of occult 80s slashers that don’t take themselves too seriously, or care too much about logic, make sure this is on your May watch list. College students embark on an all-night scavenger hunt, unaware that a killer has donned their mascot bear costume. A teddy bear with knives for fingers goes in for the kill in this weird and delightfully silly slasher. The cast is packed with genre notables like Hal Holbrook (a horror show), Rutanya Alda (Amityville II: The Possession), Julia Montgomery (Kindred), and Lauren-Marie Taylor (friday the 13th part 2).

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