The Rolling Stones have yoga and recovery rooms to help the band prepare for grueling concerts.

THE ROLLING STONES deserve the best after decades at the top of the music business.

The legendary musicians will take the stage in Spain tonight at the athletic of madrid Wanda Metropolitano Stadium on the opening night of her great Sixty tour.

The Rolling Stones have training and recovery rooms to help the band prepare for grueling concerts.


The Rolling Stones have training and recovery rooms to help the band prepare for grueling concerts.Credit: Reuters

And they will live the life of luxury behind the scenes.

Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Steve Jordanthe band’s drummer on tour after the death of charlie watt in August of last year, they’ve sold out the 53,000-capacity venue and get the full VIP treatment.

As well as an exercise room where they can do their yoga stretches ready for the grueling show, they have a special area to make sure they feel totally ready before they hit the stage.

A source from the show said: “The Stones are a well-oiled machine, and as well as acting like clockwork onstage, they run a tight ship behind the scenes.

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“Mick likes to work out with his personal trainer before every show, so they have a fully equipped workout room ready for him.

“And Ronnie and Keith have a special ‘tuning room’ where they jam and jam together and Mick will join them for a warm-up session before going onstage.

“This time, preparing and preparing allows them to be at their best for the crowds.”

The concert will be the band’s first performance on European soil without Charlie.

And those who work on the spectacular show reveal that his bandmates, including Steve, will remember him on stage.

Another source added: “Charlie is at the forefront of everyone’s minds by participating in these concerts and he will be fondly remembered.

“There will be a special tribute to him that will play on a big screen, and the band will honor him during the show.”

After Madrid, the band will play 13 more concerts in Europe and here, including a sold-out show at british summer festival in Hyde Park, London, on June 25, where they will face their old rival Paul McCartneyWho is playing Glastonbury The same day.

I am lucky enough to fly to Madrid to see the stones play tonight, so check out Friday’s paper for my review.

And if you have a ticket, I’ll meet you there.

resplendent lioness

Leona Lewis she looks absolutely brilliant before her due date in a matter of weeks.

The Bleeding Love singer is expecting a baby with her husband Dennis Jauch, a German choreographer.

Leona Lewis looks absolutely radiant ahead of her due date


Leona Lewis looks absolutely radiant ahead of her due dateCredit: Instagram
She posted on Insta: 'I feel all the love on my spray baby'


She posted on Insta: ‘I feel all the love on my spray baby’Credit: Instagram

She wore this floral outfit to her baby shower at her home in Los Angeles, writing on Instagram, “Feeling all the love for my baby sprinkles.

“I love my friends and family very much, feeling very supported and encouraged in the final stage of pregnancy.”

A proud cover

Calum Scott has kicked off Pride month with the release of an emotional version of Greg Holden’s 2015 song Boys In The Street.

It will appear on his new album Bridges, which comes out in a couple of weeks.

Calum Scott has kicked off Pride month with the release of an emotional cover


Calum Scott has kicked off Pride month with the release of an emotional coverCredit: Getty

Calum said: “It’s one of the few songs that has made me cry on the first listen.

“I connected to the original version instantly and had wanted to record my own performance for the past few years.

“I knew it would fit perfectly on Bridges and in a way, it was the song that I was missing.

“I know it’s a song that I can not only relate to, but will resonate with others around the world.”

Kim cuts a kardash for the jubilee

Kim Kardashian she’s practically American royalty, but it seems she’s eager to honor our Queen by flying to the UK in time for the platinum jubilee celebrations

The reality star and her American comedian boyfriend pete davidson We ate in London on Monday night.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were photographed in London


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were photographed in LondonCredit: TOT/CLICK NEWS AND MEDIA

They look in love with each other and Pete has even dyed his hair blonde like Kim’s.

But things are not going so well for Kim’s ex. kanye-westwhose fifth divorce attorney just quit.

They had been discussing the details of Kim and Kanye’s split, but his latest legal representative, hired just two months ago, no longer wants to work with him due to an “irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.”

No wonder Kim looks so glad to be on the other side of the world.

Joss: I’ll keep writing.

JOSS STONE She will stop acting when her children go to school because she doesn’t want them to grow up in the music industry.

The singer is expecting her second child with her American boyfriend Cody DaLuz, a musician and former private guard.

Joss Stone will stop acting when his children go to school


Joss Stone will stop acting when his children go to schoolCredit: Getty

And Joss insists that he will focus on writing songs for other artists as his children get older.

Joss, who is already a mother to her one-year-old daughter Violet, said: “I don’t want to leave her. Traveling with babies when they are young is completely feasible. Cody works from his computer on the bus.

“He walks me up on stage with Violet. He comes back, gives her a bath and when she’s done on stage, it’s time to put her to bed. So it’s perfect.

“But when she goes to school that’s not going to be a thing. I’ve wanted to be a mom for so long. This is what I want to do.”

He added on the Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast: “My dream is to write for other singers. I can do it from home. Then he could drop Violet off at school, come home, write some songs, and go find her. That’s what I would love.

“If I can organize my life that way, that would be perfect.”

Gayle was late

American teen singer-songwriter Gayle hit No. 1 in January with her song abcdefu, but she could have been successful even earlier were it not for the pandemic.

Introducing a previously unreleased song called That Much during her show at central London’s Omeara on Monday, she said: “The song I’m about to sing was written when I was 15.

“I was really excited to do the whole ‘stage, mic, sing in front of humans’ thing, then Covid happened

“But we’re here now and I may not be 15 years old singing these songs, but I’m 17.

“And I’m going to be 18 next month, a full-fledged adult. He is terrifying.

Talking about his recent song EZ, he joked, “This song makes fun of how people make fun of my generation. But to be honest, we are some sh*t.”

The steps have a Platinum party. . like your Maj

STEPS have reunited for longer than their first stint together, and today they announce the upcoming greatest hits album The Platinum Collection to commemorate 25 years since 1997’s debut single 5,6,7,8.

But they insist that it is not a sign that they are breaking up again. They broke up after reaching their first gold record in 2001 and have been back since 2017.

In an exclusive chat, Lisa Scott Lee he said: “We’ve been there, we’ve got the jersey. We haven’t talked about parting ways because Steps is forever and there’s a lot of love for the group.”

Due out on August 19, the album will feature 21 tracks, including two new ones, and will follow a series of UK shows, starting with the Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, south London, this Friday. .

Lisa said about it: “It’s quite nostalgic and we’ve loved rehearsing. It’s like, ‘Oh look at you! We’re still going! Anastasia Blue, Natalie Imbrugliathere are a lot of great performances.”

Faye Tozer insists that she and her bandmate Lisa are still party girls and will celebrate after her performance.

Faye, who also has bandmates like Claire Richards, Lee Latchford-Evans and Ian “H” Watkins, said: “It takes at least three hours to relax after you’ve been on stage, it’s an adrenaline rush.”

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Lisa said: “After the shows we are on top. You have the crowd dancing, doing the moves towards you, singing along to the songs, it’s electric.

“It’s good to talk about it later over a glass of bubbles, then go out and celebrate.”

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