The best Sky Mobile phone deals (April 2022)

Sky Mobile, the smallest and most agile virtual operator that takes advantage of the O2 carrierSky’s 4G and 5G network has had a promising track record since it launched in the UK, so we’re rounding up the best Sky phone deals that are available right now to help you choose. Plus, you can also check out the other UK carrier deal roundups compiled to help you choose:

As a telecoms subsidiary of the UK’s largest pay TV broadcaster, Sky has plenty of reach and clout to bring you some unbeatable cell phone deals that put the big carriers to shame. Jump to:

Sky phone deals right now

Sky has a visual advantage over its other competitor, Three, as it apparently offers much lower monthly payment deals for the best iPhones and Galaxy until it realizes the payout is for three years instead of the usual 24-month contract. . It’s just that after 24 months you can exchange the phone for a new one at no additional cost. Sky also offers a very eclectic mix of phones, from Fairphone to Nokia.

The best iPhone deals on Sky

Sky is selling the iPhone 13 right now announcing the lowest price ever:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max deal on Sky: just £50 a month on a 50GB plan. This baddest boy of an iPhone, the 13 Pro Max, can be had on Sky for just a £50 monthly fee. Provided you’re happy with a 50GB plan instead of unlimited data, of course, but at this price you shouldn’t expect to stream videos every day for hours on end anyway.
  • iPhone 13 Pro deal on Sky: £48 a month, save £360. Sky will sell you the mighty iPhone 13 Pro with a 50GB data plan for just £48, saving you £360 off the usual price in the process.
  • iPhone 13 deal on Sky: a £30 deal, “our lowest price ever”. Sky discounts the iPhone 13 at a monthly outlay of £30 with no additional upfront costs. Unfortunately, that cheap package comes with a measly 2GB data plan attached.

The best Samsung phone deals on Sky

As opposed to permanent cutbacks like with iPhones, Sky is offering a series of lightning deals on Samsung’s best phones, like the Galaxy S22 series:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra deal on Sky: the basic 128GB version is just £44 a month. If you want to get hold of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra on Sky, the virtual carrier will charge you just £44 a month with no down payment on a 50GB data plan – cheaper than an iPhone 13 Pro Max for a much better phone when it comes to hardware.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G deal on Sky: save £48 with any data plan. The Samsung phone with the best value for money right now, the Galaxy S21 FE, runs for as little as £28 a month. In addition, Samsung gives you six months of free Disney + subscription until June 11.
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 deal on Sky: just £19 a month and 6 months of Disney+. The galaxy a53 it’s an incredible cheap deal from Sky, as the operator has it for just £19 a month with no upfront costs, on top of the typical Disney+ deal on Samsung phones.

The best Oppo phone deals on Sky

Those feeling adventurous can go Oppo’s way and never go back, as Sky offers its flagship phones for very little money, certainly a better deal than those high-end iPhones or Galaxies.

Oppo Find X5 Pro deal on Sky: just £37 a month. One of the best phones of the year so far, the Oppo Find X5 ProIt offers a premium ceramic body, one of the best screens and camera kits out there, and it comes with a 5,000mAh battery that can be charged in half an hour. All for £37 a month from Sky.

Are Sky phone deals worth it?

Yes, Sky offers some of the lowest phone prices in the UK as you can keep paying for them for longer. Additionally, their plans allow for rollover minutes for up to three years, or for the length of the contract, and plans can be changed every month at will, even when you sign a term contract.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Sky?

Just text PAC to 65075 to get your exchange code, says Sky, and they’ll take care of the rest. You can keep your current number by providing the resulting PAC code to your new provider. You then choose a Sky plan and call or visit them to give them your PAC number and initiate the switch.

How easy is it to switch to Sky?

It’s pretty easy, as there is a legal obligation for your current provider to get the PAC number needed to unsubscribe within two hours of texting 65075. After you provide Sky with that PAC, they’ll join your phone to your network very quickly. Unless it’s a holiday or a weekend, of course.

How good is Sky’s coverage in the UK?

Sky offers excellent coverage, taking advantage of O2’s advanced 4G LTE and 5G network. This means that, unlike Three, it would also have better coverage in more rural places, although both operators quote the same 99% UK population coverage, as it is mainly based in inner city and areas with much traffic.

Still, coverage is a fickle issue, so even the best carrier in that regard may not cover where you live or travel most often, so just get yourself a prepaid Sky SIM card to test the waters before you hit the jackpot. trigger and switch to Sky.

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