The best SIM deals with EE, O2, Tesco, Sky and more that can help save £156 a year

Sick and tired of shelling out a fortune on your monthly phone bill? Why not switch to SIM only and save hundreds?

Switching to SIM alone could save you hundreds in the long run
Switching to SIM alone could save you hundreds in the long run

With the rising cost of living, more and more people are thinking of ways to reduce their expenses.

Getting sucked into a long phone contract could come at a pretty high price, so it may be worth looking for a better deal or ditching the contract for a SIM-only deal.

According to a study by mobile operator iD mobile, it is said that a third of consumers could save an average of £156 a year by switching providers.

Most mobile providers out there offer unlimited talk and text on sim only with some even starting as low as £5 a month; yes, you heard it right.

With so many deals and providers available, we’ve made your search a little easier by curating the best deals from EE, O2, Sky and more to help you save those extra pennies.

mobile iD

1 month SIM only contract with 4GB of data along with unlimited talk and text


  • 4G and 5G ready
  • Unlimited calls and texts in the UK
  • 1 GB of extra data from your third goodie bag
  • EU roaming included
  • Without contract

The best SIM-only deals:

mobile iD

iD Mobile is one of the best options when it comes to affordable SIM-only deals. The phone provider promises new customers a range of benefits, including data transfer, roaming to 50 destinations and the UK’s fastest 5G, powered by Three.

You can get a one-month or 12-month SIM-only contract with iD Mobile for just £6, and it comes with 4GB of data along with unlimited talk and text. If you’re looking for a slightly higher data allotment, opt for the 24-month 5GB plan, again with unlimited text and talk too for £6.

Check out all SIM only mobile iD offers here.


The UK’s No.1 network, EE, also offers impressive SIM-only packages with super-fast 4G and 5G options (depending on which phone you have).

Customers can get one, 12 and 24-month packages with unlimited texting and calling to stay connected with loved ones.

Packages vary in price depending on how much data you need, with the cheapest being £14 for 1GB of data and the most expensive being £35 for unlimited data.

Check out all SIM only USA offers here.


02 is a great option, especially since many of their SIM-only deals come with added benefits. The cheapest deal they offer is 5 GBP for 5 GB of data, with the additional offer of Disney+ free for a month. For an extra £4 a month, customers can get 15GB of data and three months of free Disney+ for £15.

Like other providers, the twelve-month and one-month deals are not good value for money, with the cheapest monthly deal coming in at £20 for 1GB and the cheapest yearly deal at £12 for 1GB.

Check out all SIM only O2 offers here.


Vodafone’s SIM-only deals start at £11 for just 1GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts, and up to £39 for unlimited data, texts and minutes, plus your choice of entertainment for 24 months and 5G without additional cost.

The best deal we’ve found when looking at a 24-month contract will set you back just £20 for 160GB of data, including an extra 40GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, and 5G at no extra cost.

Check out all SIM only Vodafone offers here.

tesco mobile

Tesco Mobile offers some of the most affordable SIM-only deals out there. For just £11 a month with a Clubcard, or £12.50 a month without it, customers can get a whopping 30GB of data, as well as unlimited talk and text and roaming in the EU for 24 months.

If that data isn’t enough for you, why not opt ​​for their incredible unlimited data offer, which costs just £17.50 a month for Clubcard members?

Check out all SIM only tesco mobile offers here.


Sky has some amazing SIM-only deals to help their customers save big this May. Prices range from £25, which is the highest for 50GB data, to £6 per month for 2GB data.

There are also a ton of extra benefits with Sky, like allowing customers to roll over any extra data to the next month for up to three years. In addition to this, the My Sky app allows you to customize your SIM price and data usage whenever you want to suit your needs.

Check out all SIM only Heaven offers here.


Not only is Giffgaff one of the cheapest mobile providers on the market, but they’re also offering fixed UK prices for 2022, meaning no UK pay-as-you-go, gift or calling rates will increase this year .

Known as ‘the mobile network managed by you’, the mobile network sells recurring SIM card plans with the freedom of no contracts.

Their website highlights their ‘Golden Goodybags’, which include more data than their regular packages, and are priced at: £10 for 15GB, £15 for 30GB, £20 for 100GB and £35 for unlimited data.

Check out all SIM only gifgaff offers here.

Other providers to consider:

What is a SIM only offer?

A SIM-only deal offers a bundle of minutes, text messages, and mobile data for one monthly cost, much like a traditional mobile phone contract. The difference, however, is that you don’t get a new phone included in your contract: you get the SIM and only the SIM.

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