The best e-reading apps for your phone or tablet

Finding the right eBook reading app (aka eReader) that suits your preferences can be a challenge. There are so many types of eBooks, different file formats to consider, and varieties of book types that complicate the experience.

The good news is that with the right app, you can turn any phone or tablet into an eBook reader quite easily, whether you’re into novels, comics, or something else.

And thanks to modern technology, eBook reading apps are as good as ever.

Here are some of the best eBook reader apps out there to comfortably dive into your next big read.


Best for Variety: Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most obvious eBook reading apps. If you’re still not sure what you want to read, this may be your e-reader. It offers one of the largest and most consistent eBook stores on the Internet.

In addition, Amazon Kindle has many reading features, synchronization between devices, and an impressive collection of free books.

However, you should know that the user experience is full of ads. But, when it comes to reading the actual book, you don’t need to worry.

Amazon Kindle is a great option just for availability, and you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration. You can also download books for offline use.

Best for Customization: Aldiko Next

The Aldiko book reader has been around for a while. It is extremely popular with tens of millions of downloads in more than 200 countries around the world.

The eReader supports EPUB and PDF formats and also Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. In addition, it supports electronic books from public libraries. To enhance your reading experience, there are also many customization options.

The free version can be great to get a feel for the app, but expect lots of ads. With the premium version costing $4.99, you can enjoy ad-free experience and more features. In both the free and paid versions, you can also import or export annotation features and host unlimited audiobooks on your personal bookshelf.

Best for older devices: AIReader

AIReader is a relatively new eBook reading app, but it is compatible with older phones. If you still have an old Android, AIReader can be used on devices dating back to Android 1.6. That makes it ideal for people who have decided to stop upgrading but still want to have a great digital reading experience.

AIReader supports almost all major ebook formats including PDF, Kindle azw3, ePub, fb2 to name a few. It also hosts other formats, including comics, docs, HTML, plain text, and docs.

The app also comes with a browser to download content from different stores. For example, some popular libraries offer content in international languages ​​such as English, French, Polish, Chinese, and Russian.

Best for Beginners: Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another online bookstore like Amazon Kindle. The app is very basic and all it seems to do is read the books purchased from the service.

However, Kobo Books supports typical audiobooks and eBooks. Other features include downloads for offline use, synchronization between devices, and night mode for late-night reading. The discovery features aren’t too bad either.

If you’re not sure where to start, this simple eReader may be the way to go.

Best for Features: Moon+ Reader Pro

Moon+ Reader Pro is a complete eBook reader that supports almost all popular digital formats. It is efficient and fast as well as providing many features.

One is the shake-to-talk feature, where, as you might guess, shaking the phone will activate the Read (text-to-speech) feature. Shaking the device again will stop the function.

There are plenty of other features too, including multi-joint touch controls, Bluetooth key controls, auto-scroll, and more. The reading stats will keep you aware of how much reading is left, which can be useful for some.

The interface is also customizable so you can configure the best reading experience for you. The pro version comes at a price, but there’s also a free version, if you don’t mind dealing with ads between readings.

Best Off-Road: Google Play Books

Google Play Books is another e-reader that cannot be missed. It is a virtual bookstore and competing e-book reading apps like Amazon Kindle.

Choose from books, magazines, and other types of reading material. The app supports various e-book formats, comic book formats, and other types of e-book formats.

You can also upload your books to the cloud to read them anywhere and anytime.

Additional features include book rentals, quick bookmarks, and a speed reading mode. The app is free, but you will have to pay for many of the books.

Best for Translating: Freader

Freader is another reading app with an old-school twist. However, that doesn’t make it any less efficient. The app supports EPUB formats up to UPUB3, AZW3, fb2, RTF and HTML. It also supports comics, MS Word, and plain text formats.

Fbreader is based on the Google Drive cloud service, so you can also sync your ebooks between devices. While the interface may feel a bit retro and dated, you won’t have any problems once you get the hang of it.

A standout feature of the FBreader app is Google Translate, with which it comes integrated. This feature allows you to read content in foreign languages.

To help you expand your knowledge even further, there is a built-in dictionary that allows you to look up unknown words and phrases. Haven’t we all wanted to do this sitting down with a book?

Another advantage is that there are also many customization options.

Which of these e-reader apps is right for you?

Whether you still have no idea what you’d like to read or a growing collection of e-books on your list, there’s an e-reading app to fit your needs.

If you’re just starting out and looking for a wide selection of eBooks, Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books are a great place to start.

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