Starlink High Speed ​​Internet Now Available for RVs and Travelers

Starlink, the satellite internet company owned by Elon Musk, has just announced a new service for RVs. Previously, you needed to register a fixed address for a Starlink account and hardware and were only guaranteed service at that address. Now, Starlink roaming has been activated. Assuming your Starlink hardware is within the coverage area, you can have high-speed Internet in different places while traveling.

With the new service, traveling or working in remote areas of Australia is now possible with download speeds much faster than even a cable-based NBN connection at home. Now you can truly work from anywhere in Australia with high-speed, low-latency connectivity.

Where does Starlink roaming work in Australia?

Just last week, SpaceX launched 3 rockets, each carrying 53 satellites. This brings the number of Starlink satellites in orbit to more than 2,400. The final number is expected to be around 12,000 satellites. As of May 2022, coverage is available in Australia, south of Geraldton in the west and south of Bundaberg in the east. All of New Zealand is covered. Unsurprisingly, with so many new satellites being launched, coverage will increase rapidly.

Satellite coverage map in Australia
Starlink is available to about half of Australia’s landmass, with more coming soon

Your Starlink satellite dish must have a clear view of the sky, including trees, buildings, hills, etc. will block reception. Satellites are moving, not stationary, so the dish will constantly readjust itself to maintain a connection.

Keep in mind that Starlink is still building its satellite network on the move. So expect service interruptions, especially if you don’t have an uninhibited 360-degree view of the sky. With more satellites, we expect a higher tolerance for locations with trees and objects in the way.

How can I use Starlink for remote travel?

Although you can find videos on YouTube of people getting Starlink internet coverage in a moving vehicle, the current offering is designed to offer reception while stationary.

To register, you must visit the StarLink website and register your interest and provide your location. If they can support the capacity at your location, you will immediately proceed to checkout, after which your hardware will be shipped to you. According to the Australian forums, this takes around 2 weeks on average.

The current Starlink dish and router

Starlink is a self-install deal, although many companies will do the installation for a fee.

If you are traveling remotely, you can install a mount in your vehicle, caravan or motorhome, where you would place your dish when stationary and remove it when on the move. However, it would seem that most people just place the dish on the ground and run a cable back to their vehicle/caravan.

Once the unit is on, it finds satellites and uses a supplied router for you to connect via Wi-Fi. Netflix in the middle of the Simpson desert, no problem!

One small problem: We’ve heard rumors that Foxtel Now is blocked when using Starlink, as the internet connection is interpreted to be from a different country.

How does Starlink compare to other internet options?

In a recent GadgetGuy post, Caravanner’s Guide to Connecting to the Internet Anywhere, we cover the basics of remote Internet access options. This post showed that Starlink was superior from a download speed and responsiveness perspective, plus you get unlimited data. But how does Starlink compare from a cost standpoint?

We’ll assume you’re constantly changing locations, so rule out NBN’s Sky Muster as it doesn’t support roaming.

Solution downloads cost per month hardware cost speed up Comment
iridium go Unlimited $209 From $1400 2.4kbps slow but mobile
Telstra Mobile 400GB $85 From $99 300Mbps Need 3G/4G reception
star link Unlimited $174 $1074 250MB Reception in the middle of Australia, more soon

Please note that Starlink fixed address is $139 per month + $35 per month roaming

Just for comparison, a download speed of 250 Mbps with Telstra Cable Broadband NBN with unlimited downloads will set you back $140 per month. Sky Muster (NBN Co’s satellite up to 25 Mbps download) is available for $70 per month with unlimited download.

GadgetGuy’s opinion

Many Australians in outback areas have had problems getting high-speed internet that StarLink solves. For Australia’s gray nomads and travelers, this provides a superior solution that will enable remote education or work from anywhere.

As each month passes, more satellites are connected, improving coverage, capacity, and reliability. We also hope to soon see a truly mobile solution with access available from your vehicle on the go anywhere in Australia you want to travel.

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