Rebekah Vardy ‘Created’ Maternity Hospital Photos After Giving Birth, Hear Wagatha Trial

Rebekah Vardy took the stand for the second day in the long-awaited Wagatha Christie trial, telling the court she wanted to “control” photos of her leaving the hospital after giving birth.

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Rebekah Vardy arrives for the second day of the dispute of ‘Wagatha’

A court has heard rebekah vardy she posted photos of her leaving a maternity hospital after giving birth, and also said she did photo shoots because she doesn’t want to “depend” on her footballer husband’s money.

The 40-year-old I’m a Celeb winner took the stage for the second day of today, such as his libel suit against coleen Rooney, 36, continues in the Royal Courts of Justice.

The long-awaited battle between the two Wags started yesterday with allegations, counterclaims and a sordid account of a sexual encounter.

Today, the Leicester star’s wife, Jamie Vardy, who wore from head to toe in designer clotheshe returned to the witness stand to be questioned by Rooney’s solicitor, David Sherborne QC, while Coleen and Wayne sat in the front row.

Coleen Rooney arrives at the Royal Courts of Justice today


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A portion of the questioning focused on interviews and photographs that Rebekah had done and posed for the press.

Sherborne spoke about an interview she gave The Sun in December 2016 while pregnant with her daughter Olivia Grace.

After initially saying she didn’t remember the article, Sherborne showed one of the photos used in the exclusive piece, adding, “Do you think you could remember these pretty big pictures of you naked in a national newspaper?”

“It was our own pictures that we had taken,” Rebekah said.

Rebekah arriving in court today


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Vardy also admitted that photos of her leaving a maternity hospital after giving birth were ‘rigged’.

“I have never hidden the fact that I have done staged photos,” he said. “I just gave permission for a photographer to be there. I wanted to control it.”

Sherborne asked if it would have been more honest to sit down and pose for the photos instead of staging them.

Vardy replied, “I had just given birth. I’m not sure I’m in a position to sit up.”

Coleen Rooney was again accompanied today by her husband, former England footballer Wayne



The attorney produced more articles showing Vardy posing with her new baby and stripping down to a bikini on a beach vacation.

Vardy told the court that it was “important for me to be able to earn my own money.”

“I never want to be dependent on my husband. Jamie and I discussed it and there was no problem doing it,” she added.

Later that day, Sherborne read an exchange of messages between Vardy and a journalist who interviewed her after she came out of the jungle I am a celebrity.

In them, Vardy suggests they meet for lunch and offers to set up a date with the reporter.

In his witness statement, Vardy said: “I don’t have a close relationship with any journalists.”

Asked if his statement was false, Vardy replied that he did not have a close relationship with the journalist.

In a social media post in October 2019, Ms Rooney said she had carried out a “sting operation” to catch Ms Vardy leaking “false stories” about her private life.

Rebekah Vardy took the stand for the second day today



Coleen Rooney is involved in a legal fight with Rebekah at the Royal Courts of Justice


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He claimed that an Instagram account behind three false stories that appeared in The Sun newspaper was that of Ms Vardy, sparking what became known as the wagatha christie saga.

Rebekah denies being behind the alleged leak.

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