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Manchester United caretaker manager Ralf Rangnick has revealed that his last attempts to sign a striker in January were rejected by the club’s board, leaving them without attacking options in the second half of the season.

United allowed Anthony Martial to join Sevilla on loan in January before Mason Greenwood was suspended indefinitely by the club with just three days remaining in the transfer window.

Rangnick had hoped that United could act quickly to strengthen the team before the deadline and mentioned Liverpool striker Luis Diaz, who has been a revelation since joining from Porto on January 30, as one of the possible solutions along with Dusan Vlahovic, signed by Juventus, and Julián Álvarez, who will join Manchester City this summer.

Instead, United failed to act and relied almost entirely on Cristiano Ronaldo as a source of goals, with injury limiting Edinson Cavani to just six appearances this year.

Rangnick’s side have only scored 13 in their last 10 league games, nine of them by Ronaldo.

“The answer at that time was no, there was no player on the market that could really help us, there were some, Diaz, who is now in Liverpool, Álvarez, who will be in Manchester City in the summer, Vlahovic, who at that time still I was with Fiorentina, those are just three that come to mind now,” Rangnick said.

“We had four days off at the time and on Sunday I was told about the problems with Mason Greenwood and obviously Anthony Martial had already left and then I realized that four days from now there were some forwards missing and it might make sense, we were still on. three competitions: Champions League, FA Cup and fourth in the league, but that’s the past and it doesn’t help us anymore.

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“I talked to the board and said that we shouldn’t at least talk and try to analyze if we could get a player on loan or as a permanent contract, but in the end the answer was no.”

“I still think we should have at least tried, if we could have found and could in 48 hours, 48 ​​hours is a short time, but it’s still 48 hours, it might have been worth trying and discussing internally, but we didn’t.” ty was not made “.

Rangnick: The good thing is that everyone realizes how big our problems are.

There is a feeling within United that the club faced a dilemma in January, whether to allow Rangnick to make a move his successor may not want or whether to preserve their resources and support a new manager in the summer, with Erik Ten Hag. . now appointed.

United have also been plagued by rushed recruitment and failed end-of-window deals in previous seasons, with Alexis Sanchez the most prominent example in 2018.

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But Rangnick has already said that Ten Hag will need to improve all areas of the team apart from the goalkeepers and once again emphasized the size of the task ahead if they are to challenge for the league title once again.

“If there’s one good thing about the bad season we’ve had so far it’s that now everyone should be aware of how big and where the problems are and what needs to be done to get back up to the level and become a serious title contender again. and that’s what it’s all about: it’s obvious to me what to do, this is the most important thing,” Rangnick said.

“If there hadn’t been any problem before I came, I wouldn’t have come, probably Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] I’d still be sitting here answering your questions.

“There were some problems that the team already had at the end of November and, as we all know, in the first months until the end of January we were improving, we conceded fewer goals, we had an average of 2.1 points after West Ham, but then in that international break we lost three players and struggled to score goals and find balance.

“Now it’s time to look forward, now we have two games to play, try to play the best we can, get as many points as we can from those two games and then together with Erik, together with the board, together with the scoring department. exploration, I hope to find and also convince the players, it’s not just about finding them, exploring them, you also have to convince them to come to Manchester United.

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