Rachel Riley takes a thinly veiled hit on Anne Robinson after her exit from Countdown

The Countdown co-host shared a cryptic Instagram post in which she made “a toast to the next chapter” after her former co-host Anne Robinson announced her departure from the long-running show.

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Countdown: Anne Robinson denies breakup rumors

rachel riley has taken to social media to share a thinly veiled swipe at the former Countdown host anna robinson after the latter announced her departure from the program.

The Countdown math genius led Instagram posing at home with a glass of wine and a caption that he was toasting “the next chapter in the Countdown story.”

Anne Robinson announced that she was leaving the show after just one year, explaining that she had chosen to leave the show over a pay dispute.

However, Rachel’s apparent swipe at her former co-host of the show comes after Anne said her co-stars were “loud” and that she “wouldn’t go on vacation with them.”

However, Anne dismissed claims of a feud between the couple after she left the show.

Rachel did the thin veil prick in an Instagram post



Anne Robinson seen for the first time since leaving Countdown


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The presenter had worked as a freelancer and said that although she was offered a raise, she did not want to join Channel 4’s payroll, so she decided to walk away from the show.

She told the Sun: “I come from a long line of alcoholic Irish bandits, so suggesting I go to PAYE is a bit like asking Philip Green or Richard Branson to join the company payroll.

“I wasn’t interested in any offer on that basis. Even if it included financial parity. Channel 4 lunch vouchers, which is a huge regret.

Although Anne dismissed claims of a feud between her and Rachel Riley, she acknowledged she had been frustrated with the noise and timing of her colleagues in an interview with Emma Barnett on BBC The Radio 4 Women’s Hour.

Anne Robinson has insisted there was no breakup

She said: “They’re both brilliant at what they do. I mean they really are. Channel 4 is incredibly lucky to have them. And there’s not a crack.”

“It was me wanting everyone to be quiet in the studio. I like everyone to be on time and quiet, quiet, quiet. So we had to fix that. But that’s it.”

Claims of a dispute come as fellow lexicographer host Susie Dent took Twitter to wish Anne all the best for the future, posting: “Wishing Anne all the best in her new adventures with her grandchildren and beyond.”

But former presenter Nick Hewer was unimpressed, replying: “Well, that’s for sure.” fire certainty for the Private Eye OBN [Order of the Brown Nose] reward. Well done Susy!”

Susie Dent took to Twitter to wish Anne all the best for the future.

An informant on the show saying : “Everyone is so relieved, to be honest. It’s all been a bit of a mess with the fallout and the bickering, we just want to draw a line under this and move on.”

Channel 4 is now looking for someone to replace Anne as host of the long-running quiz show.

Rumors are now circulating that former star of the show Carol Vorderman is high on the list of possible choices to host the show.

Other potential candidates include Pointless star Richard Osman and poker ace Victoria Coren-Mitchell.

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