Problems appear with the drop of calls or the GSM network of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most powerful flagship phone that Samsung offers in its current lineup. It has several improvements over the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus.

However, not all users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are happy with the performance of the device, since multiple problems have been reported for weeks (one, two, 3, 4).

Another problem that some Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are facing today negatively affects the quality of calls or the GSM network.

More specifically, some Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra units have a call drop issue where calls are automatically dropped or unable to use mobile data.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra call drop or GSM network problem

According to multiple reports, calls made through some Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra devices drop after a few minutes (or even seconds), with no apparent explanation.


S22 Ultra Calls Crashing Issue (Exynos)


So, I have been using my S22 Ultra (Exynos) for a week now and this has been one of my worst experiences as I have not been able to use my phone for the most basic function which is phone calls. Each call drops from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

This issue also affects the stability of the GSM network as users also experience poor audio quality during calls.

GSM problem: call drops/poor quality calls

Hello s22u (Exynos) family. I am here writing to you about a problem I am experiencing with my device while calling. When I receive calls, sometimes the phone does not ring and I directly receive a missed call notification.

On the other hand, when I call someone, it happens that the call is suddenly cut off when the signal drops to zero for less than a second.

In both cases I hear the person I’m talking to very poorly, with high and low pitched noises, as if the network was interrupted.

Also, some cannot use mobile data despite having a full signal.


Mixed experiences after the April update

Some users affected by the issue have already received the Galaxy S22 Ultra April update. In some cases, the reports indicate that the issue has been resolved.

I tried mine today Post Update and found no problems with GPS or dropping calls. Obviously only in a short period of time, but I am more hopeful that this will be resolved. For now

However, other users point out that the problem persists even after the update.


Regardless, it’s worth installing the April update to see if it resolves the glitch.

Some possible solutions

While users are waiting for an official fix from Samsung, there are a few workarounds that might help resolve or temporarily mitigate the issue.

  • First, you can try to wipe the cache partition of your device by following the steps below:
  • samsung-galaxy-s22-ultra-call-drop-network-problem-4
  • Also, calls reportedly they seem to be more stable over WiFi calls rather than mobile networks.
  • some users point that the problem could occur when WiFi calling and 4G calling options are disabled. So turning on both options (or at least one) could help improve call quality and stability.
  • Another option that reportedly help is to set up a 3G/2G network exclusively for calls.
  • also that It seems that placing your primary SIM in SIM 2 slot improves network quality and stability for calls (but does not improve mobile data issues).
  • Finally, turn off 4G and 5G during calls I might also help You can automate this process via Bixby Routines to set the network mode to 2G/3G and at the end of the call revert the action.
  • There is still no official acknowledgment of the problem by Samsung. We will update this story once new events related to the matter arise in the future.

    NOTE: You can also check the Samsung Galaxy S22 series bug/issue tracker.

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