Prince Harry snubbed the queen and royal family five times in explosive new interview

Harry declined to say whether he would return to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, instead taking the opportunity to comment on his dispute with the UK government over his safety.

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Prince Harry on his attendance at the Queen’s Jubilee

prince harry opens up about missing his family while managing to snub the Queen and the Royal Family a total of five times in a new television interview.

The Duke of Sussex, 37, spoke to American journalist Hoda Kotb of NBC News’ morning show Today during the Invictus Games.

He talked about his “special relationship” with his grandmother and revealed that he missed his family.

However, he also managed to brush off the monarch and his family in the interview, refusing to say whether he would return to the UK to celebrate the queen’s 70 years on the throne, instead taking the opportunity to comment on his dispute with the UK government. UK on your safety

Prince Harry during his interview with NBC’s Hoda Kotb



When asked if he would return to the UK to mark the Platinum Jubilee, Harry said he “didn’t know”.

“There are a lot of issues with security and everything else,” he added.

The interview comes after sources claimed that Meghan and Harry could be invited to join the Royal Family on the Buckingham Palace Balcony in June.

The June 2 invitation is also understood to include family events such as a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Jubilee.

In the interview, Harry talks about his “special relationship” with his grandmother and reveals that he missed his family.



prince harry told the American journalist Hoda Kotb that Lilibet has yet to meet the Queen, despite visiting the UK twice since she was born, and issued a second snub to Her Majesty by making it clear that she didn’t know if she would meet her namesake anytime soon.

The duke’s first visit home after the birth of his daughter was in July 2021, to unveil a statue of Princess Diana. He also returned to the UK last week to visit the Queen with Meghan, their first joint visit since they left the royal family.

While she said she was “trying to do everything we can to make sure my kids get to meet her”, uncertainty surrounds the family’s return to the UK for the anniversary.

It was unclear when the Queen would have the opportunity to meet her namesake, little Lillibet.


POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Harry praised his neighbors in the Montecito area of ​​Santa Barbara in California for welcoming him into their family.

In what royal experts have described as a third snub to Harry’s family, he made it clear that he no longer considered the UK home.

The royal said: “My home now, for the moment, is in the United States and it feels that way too.”

Harry went on to talk about his “special relationship” with the monarch. It is seen that he dealt another blow to the rest of his family, by suggesting that the Queen’s relationship with him and Meghan was more open than his relationship with other members of the family.

Harry with his brother, Prince William, at the unveiling of a statue of their mother.


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She described her experience having tea with her grandmother and Meghan and said it made her “laugh” during the visit.

Harry went on to state that she is able to open up to him, which gives him “peace”, saying that the pair had a “really special relationship”.

“We talk about things that she can’t talk about with anyone else, so it’s always a nice peace for her,” he said.

In a final snub to the royals, the duke said he wanted “the right people” around his grandmother.

“Being with her was great. It was really nice to see her. You know, she’s in great shape,” he said.

“She’s always had a great sense of humor with me and I just make sure she’s protected and has the right people around her.”

The comment has been called by royal experts a “gross insult” that showed his “arrogance”.

Author Robert Jobson added: “Prince Harry says on American television that he is making sure the queen is ‘protected and has the right people around her’. How is that?

“I think you will find that the sons of Prince Charles and Her Majesty and William are DOING just that and supporting the Queen, with actions, and not just words.”

While fellow expert Angela Levin said: “Your comment on US TV is a huge insult to the entire royal family, royal doctors and all HM aides. Her arrogance knows no bounds.”

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