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San Francisco, CA, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pollen Mobile announces the closing of a seed funding round that will accelerate the rollout of the world’s first privacy-focused, user-owned and operated mobile operator.

The investment round, led by Slow Ventures, was aimed at a diverse and strategically selected group of investors representing the telecommunications, crypto, hardware, entertainment, and traditional venture capital communities. Along with Slow Ventures, participating investors included DISH Wireless, Delphi Digital, OVN Capital and Acorn Pacific Ventures, among others.

“The world has long needed a genuine alternative to traditional mobile operators that are notorious for dissatisfied customers, high costs, spotty coverage and disregard for user privacy,” said Sam Lessin, general partner at Slow Ventures. “Our belief in the vision of Pollen and the Pollen team has already been validated by the incredibly enthusiastic reception from the rapidly growing Pollen community.”

Pollen flips the script on the traditional centralized mobile network model by enabling its user community to build, own, and operate a decentralized network infrastructure using blockchain, Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum, and other technologies. open source technologies. The project has already deployed infrastructure in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles, and last week completed its first nationwide hardware delivery.

The seed round builds on that energetic organic growth by providing a substantial lead and opening key strategic relationships to catalyze the rapid expansion of the Pollen network.

“DISH is committed to building a nationwide 5G Open RAN wireless network and innovation is a big part of this effort,” said Chris Ergen, Director of Wireless Innovation for DISH. “There is tremendous potential in decentralized wireless communications and we are excited to support Pollen’s vision for the future.”

“Pollen will take the world by storm as crypto incentives and dissatisfaction with traditional wireless carriers drive consumers to easily deploy Flowers and own and operate the next-generation mobile network,” said Tom Shaughnessy, co-founder and partner at Delphi Digital. “We are excited to see Pollen become the world’s first Web3 privacy-focused mobile operator.”

Publicly launched in January, Pollen was conceived less than a year ago by Pronto, an autonomous driving technology company, as a lower-cost, more flexible alternative to existing business connectivity solutions for its remote off-road operations. The Pronto team quickly realized the potential of combining their technology with a cryptocurrency-based rewards model, which now powers Pollen’s hedging incentive system.

“Pollen is designed from the ground up to offer users a radical alternative to mobile connectivity that prioritizes privacy, lowers costs, and gives users the power to own and operate their network,” said Anthony Levandowski, Founder and CEO of Pollen. Pollen Mobile. “We are inspired by high-caliber investors embracing our vision for the future of wireless communications and positioning us for our next phase of growth.”

About mobile pollen

Pollen Mobile is enabling the development of the world’s first user-owned and operated decentralized mobile network designed for privacy and anonymity. Pollen uses open source technologies and protocols, as well as a crypto economy built around Solana’s blockchain-based PollenCoin token, to give its users the power to take back their mobile privacy with an affordable alternative to traditional mobile operators. Additional information about Pollen Mobile can be found at pollenmobile.io


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