Nokia and Kyndryl create global private network and edge computing alliance

Global communications technology provider Nokia and IT infrastructure services firm Kyndryl have formed a global network and edge computing alliance, which aims to help enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformations with an LTE private wireless network and “Industrial-grade reliable and secure” 5G.

Outlining the background to their partnership, the companies said asset-intensive industries are adopting intelligent, autonomous systems powered by data and machine learning to improve agility, productivity and efficiency.

In particular, private wireless connectivity is a key enabler for adding new data sources and analytics layers, for real-time process management, and for facilitating automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality use cases. and virtual.

Currently, Nokia claims to support more than 420 private wireless customers from large enterprises spanning manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, energy and utilities, transportation, and smart cities, enabling them to take advantage of fast speeds. “super fast” data transfer, low latency and data insights. and encryption that protects confidential information.

The association is based on a private wireless connectivity project that the companies worked on and that combined the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) application platform with Kyndryl consulting, design, implementation and management services.

The solution is designed to withstand the move to Industry 4.0, which, according to Nokia, is transforming the way companies manufacture and distribute their products by interacting with the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, AI and other advances in their environments and operations.

The companies said they share a belief that private wireless networks over LTE and 5G will enable new levels of operational flexibility and adaptability across a wide range of asset-intensive industries, with manufacturing a core market segment.

“As enterprises across industries look for new ways to digitally transform their operations, 5G and edge computing are growing to be able to harness the promise of these emerging technologies,” said Paul Savill, global practice leader for edge computing and of networks for kyndril.

“By collaborating with Nokia, we are taking another step to help our customers unlock the power of LTE and 5G through a secure and private environment that helps them deliver customized enterprise-grade edge solutions that create new value for customers. your final results and the next. generate customer experiences.

Chris Johnson, head of global enterprise business at Nokia, added: “By combining Kyndryl’s world-class services expertise and global reach with Nokia’s industry-leading mission-critical private wireless and industrial edge computing solutions, we will enable even more organizations to transform their operations, accelerate their digitization journey and reap the benefits of Industry 4.0.”

The two companies said their collaboration has already resulted in private real-world LTE and 5G deployments and several proof-of-concept (PoC) applications for dow inc to support worker safety and collaboration, asset tracking and other Industry 4.0-enabled capabilities using a model it plans to expand and implement at its sites around the world.

In the future, they plan to explore and develop new integrated solutions and services for edge cloud, IP networks, optical, fixed access, 4G and 5G core, and network operations software technologies that can address the growing demand for grade-grade wireless networks. industrial and mission critical. networks to capitalize on what they see as the transformative benefits of digitization and automation.

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