Man wants ‘cursed’ tattoo removed, but it’s so bad the clinic thought it was a joke

Christian Walton has a tattoo made of rainbow letters and one of the words is misspelled, and when he got tired of taking it off, the clinic thought it was a joke.

Christian Walton's bad tattoo
Christian Walton wants his tattoo removed

A man is desperate to have his ‘damn’ tattoo retired, but when he asked at a clinic, they thought it must have been a joke because he was so bad.

Christian Walton at one point decided to get ‘My First Tattoo’ in rainbow letters on his upper back, with the incorrect spelling of the word ‘tattoo’.

The eve of the sales manager appeared in mtv hit show ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’, and has since become a celebrity thanks to his typographic tattoo.

But now Christian, 23, has had enough and wants to get rid of the ink, and on May 20 he sent a photo to Laserways Clinicand they thought the investigation must have been a joke since it was so bad.

Christian got tattooed with his friend Megan Green


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Christian, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, said: “I just wanted to laser engrave it so the colors fade a bit as they are really bright. Then I would want to cover it up.”

“I think they thought I was having them when I sent them a picture, because I didn’t get a response after that.

“After I posted about it on Facebooka girl came up to me and said she was going to have laser treatment the next day.

“She said she would ask for me. She said that the guy thought she was kidding and that she thought I was a competitor trying to figure out prices.

“I find that amusing in the grand scheme of things.

The couple did not fight over the tattoo.


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“Anyway, he said there was too much color in my tattoo for him to laser it.

“Since I had no luck getting a date, I might as well leave it at that for now.

“I might keep it for a little while longer before trying to cover it another time.”

The tattoo was created on the hit MTV series Just Tattoo Of Us, which Christian appeared on in 2018 with his then-best friend Megan Green.

Christian has had enough of the tattoo now


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Christian said: “In 2018, I applied for Just Tattoo Of Us with my best friend Megan. I never expected to get involved, it was just a joke between us.”

“We went to London, we were so into it, we were so eager to laugh, that’s the kind of people we are.

“The tattoo took about three and a half hours to do.

“We saw the tattoos as a laugh, we didn’t fight over them or anything.

“The tattoo is definitely bigger than the size of a hand. It goes from the base of my neck to the middle of my back, it’s between my shoulder blades.

“My parents did not believe me when I told them that I had entered the program.

“When they first saw the tattoo their reaction was so intense. It was my first tattoo and it was so bright and big and bold.

“But I don’t think they had second thoughts about it, they just let me get on with what I want to do.”

He did it on an MTV show


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“I’m over it now. I see it as a permanent scar because I can’t cover it up. I’d have to have a laser multiple times.”

“I can’t even wear a white shirt right now because it shows, especially when I’m dancing in a club and I sweat and the shirt sticks to my back.

“It’s like being stuck with it, like being cursed.

“I have no idea what to cover it with, I’m open to ideas.

“I watch clips of the show constantly on TikTok and it’s going to get millions of comments. It’s hilarious.

“It’s so funny how I went from being a regular kid from Newcastle to going viral for a TikTok about a tattoo I got four years ago.”

A spokesperson for Laserways Clinic said: “Christian’s tattoo is one of such color and depth that even the best medical-grade technology would have a hard time removing it completely.

“When evaluating our clients’ tattoos for laser removal, we use our many years of experience and knowledge to take into account how the tattoo will look after treatment.

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“In Christian’s case, for example, if we were to start the removal process, we wouldn’t be sure what the tattoo would look like once it was completed.

“Would the treatment be of any benefit to Christian or would it actually make his situation worse? For example, leaving him with a half-removed tattoo or an uneven end result.

“Taking these factors into account, the chance that Laserways will be able to give Christian a good result is very slim, which is why we would not treat this tattoo at any of our clinics.”

MTV has been contacted for comment.

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