Liverpool fan buys the ‘cheapest coach in the UK’ and charges just £1 to travel to the Champions League final in Paris

A Liverpool fan bought the ‘cheapest coach in the UK’ so he can drive a bus full of Reds to the Champions League final.

Liverpool and Real Madrid will meet at the Stade de France on Saturday May 28 in the fight for the European title. Liverpool booked their place in the final after beating the Spanish team Villarreal 5-2 on aggregate.

However, following his victory, the demand for transport to the French capital led to a significant increase in prices, with fans charging hundreds of pounds for a flight or ferry. Appalled by sky-high prices, a Liverpool supporter has taken matters into his own hands.

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simon wilson is charging fans just £1 for a return trip to Paris after buying what it says is the cheapest bus in the UK.

Simon will be a familiar face to many Reds after he famously drove a £40 Skoda to the Champions League final in Madrid in 2019. But his latest challenge focuses on giving Liverpool fans “the experience of a lifetime” without the hefty price tag.

Talking with him ECHOSimon said: “A couple of years ago I saw fans being charged exorbitant prices. People who were massive fans and just wanted to go to the game couldn’t because it was so expensive.

“For this final I was going to take the Skoda but there are only a couple of seats in the car. We wanted something a little bigger so we could help people.”

On Google, Simon said he searched for ‘cheap coaches’ before stumbling upon one that he says looks like an ‘old school bus from the 1950s’. Simon said: “I bought the cheapest UK coach I could find. I was googling ‘cheap coaches’ and found this one.

Simon Wilson's coach has bundled up for the trip to Paris
Simon Wilson’s coach has bundled up for the trip to Paris

“We have wrapped the coach and put decals on it, for perspective, the decals have cost more than the coach.

“The guy we bought from seemed to be a very nice and helpful guy so that gave us a little bit of confidence but we’ll let you guys know if the trainer is decent if we get there.”

Earlier this week, Simon made a call on social media saying he would only charge £1 for a return trip for fans struggling to find transport to Paris. Simon said: “That weekend is half a term and the Queen’s Jubilee is coming up. There is no ferry from the UK to the Netherlands, Paris or Spain that is free, practically all transport is used. It’s just a nightmare weekend.”

He added: “As soon as I put the post on my Instagram, we had thousands of people [contacting us] in minutes.

“Unfortunately, we can’t take everyone, but we’re going to try to take as many people as possible.”

Liverpool fan Simon said that
Liverpool fan Simon said he ‘just wanted to help the fans’

the coach will leave anfield stadium Thursday and head to Dover. The group will then take a ferry to Calais and, after staying overnight, drive to Paris before returning to Liverpool on Sunday. Simon said: “The only ferry I was able to catch was the one at night, but even that was a cancellation.

“I was on the phone with them constantly, calling them every 10 minutes just to see if they had anything. I had to swim the Channel just to book the ferry.”

Simon added: “For me, it’s just about helping people get there. Petrol is over £1500, I have paid for the coach, the drivers are paid, you have insurance etc.

“The cost of doing this is a small fortune, but we are only charging people £1 for a return.

“It’s about making it affordable for people who want to go and have the experience of a lifetime.”

You can watch Simon’s videos, including the trip from Anfield to Paris, on his YouTube channel.

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