Johnny Depp says he would turn down Pirates of the Caribbean 6 now

Johnny Depp said in court Wednesday that he would turn down Disney if they asked him to return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6, even if they offered him “$300 million.”

Johnny Depp says he would turn down Disney if they offered him a role in pirates of the caribbean 6. Depp’s recent comments stem from his cross-examination during the libel trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is currently suing Heard for $50 million derived from accusations aquaman actress made in a Washington Post opinion piece he wrote in 2018. Although he never mentioned Depp by name, Heard used his alleged experiences as a victim of abuse to support the opinion piece. Depp claims that Heard’s claims destroyed his career, his reputation and her life.

Depp achieved megastar status for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s 2003 blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Loved by fans, the actor would go on to portray the character in four additional films in the franchise. Although Depp’s character was well received by fans and critics, Disney made the decision to block his return to any future pirates of the Caribbean Projects, including a sixth film in development. Due to the allegations surrounding Depp’s personal life, Disney’s decision was reportedly due to fears that his reputation could tarnish the family-friendly nature of the franchise. Depp was also fired from Warner Bros.’ fantastic beasts franchise for a similar reason. While fans may be bummed by his absence going forward pirates of the Caribbean movies, it seems that the star has not returned anyway.


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Variety reports Depp told the courtroom Wednesday that he would turn down the opportunity to return for Disney’s pirates of the caribbean 6. Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, questioned Depp on the stand and focused on the actor’s claims that Heard’s op-ed cost him the role. Rottenborn bluntly asked Depp if it was true that the actor didn’t want to return to the franchise anyway, to which Depp replied, “that’s trueWatch Rottenborn and Depp’s back-and-forth exchange during Wednesday’s cross-examination below:

“The fact is, Mr. Depp, if Disney came to you with $300 million and a million alpacas, nothing in the world would make you work with Disney again on a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie? Correct?”

Depp replied: “That is true, Mr. Rottenborn.”

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During cross-examination, Rottenborn attempted to show that Disney had already made the decision to block Depp’s return to the franchise before Heard wrote her op-ed. The lawyer pointed out daily mail article from October 25, 2018 that mentioned that Depp was “as Jack Sparrow.” Depp responded by saying that “I wasn’t aware of that“referring to the piece, but not surprised considering, “Disney was trying to cut ties to be sure.” However, Depp was also quick to point out that even after cutting ties with the actor, Disney still featured his pirates of the Caribbean character in its theme parks. Although Disney used Jack Sparrow for financial gain, Depp said Disney “I didn’t want there to be something behind [Depp] what would they find.”

While it looks like Depp is now done playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the pirates franchise, at the time could have made a cameo in future projects. However, given the tumultuous nature of her divorce from Heard, her return will never happen. Disney would be hard-pressed to bring Depp back for pirates of the caribbean 6, even for a small role. He has no interest in going back, and it might be better for him to move on to something new. However, for Depp to win his case against Heard, he will have to prove that Disney’s decision came about as a direct result of Heard’s original op-ed, which can be challenging to prove.

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Source: Variety

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