ITV Good Morning Britain viewers are furious when Richard Madeley makes a ‘car accident’ mistake under the name of Max George

Good Morning Britain viewers called Richard Madeley a “nuisance” when he returned to the show on Wednesday. The presenter was in front of the ITV news program alongside Charlotte Hawkins ahead of the long Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Things got off to a spirited start when Richard lost his temper with Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Ian Murray, who was grilled by the host duo about the ‘beergate’ currently surrounding the Labor Party.

The 66-year-old TV star criticized the Labor MP for not directly answering her question about who could be in the running to replace Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer if a police investigation finds he breached lockdown rules last April and issues it. . with a fine

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However, the tables were turned on Richard when later on the show Max George joined him and Charlotte live in the studio. The Wanted singer appeared live on GMB a day after speaking out about the death of his bandmate Tom Parker. in his first interview on This Morning.

Max was on the show to talk about the passing of his best friend, as well as the late star’s book, Hope, which was written in the 12 months before Tom’s death and published last week, two months after he died. his tragic death at the age of 33.

The Bolton-born singer also spoke about how his own battle with his mental health led him to take part in an NHS campaign. He has appeared in a video alongside other famous faces as part of the health service’s ‘Help’ mental health campaign.

Max was on the show to talk about his late bandmate Tom Parker and his work with the NHS.

Richard and Charlotte asked Max how his mental health is as he deals with the pain of losing his bandmate and “brother.” While he said that mentally he is ‘fine,’ he said that physically the pain of grief affects him. He was then asked about something he mentioned on This Morning on Tuesday (May 31) that he still texts Tom.

But Richard pushed harder, asking the 33-year-old what kind of messages he sends and if it eases the pain of his loss.

GMB viewers, however, were quick to take to social media and complain about the chat. @Bufferb2012 raged: “If someone shuts up Madeley and lets Max talk, it’s a nuisance #gmb.” @conormckenna101 tweeted: “Richard, STOP constantly interrupting Max, SO insensitive! #gmb.”

Viewers were quick to point out Richard’s mistake.

@NDMORRS commented: “Richard really made Max dig so deep into his pain. #GMB.” @@MrLawGreen wrote: “I wish Richard would let Max George talk! Always interrupting, he’s willing to thank the NHS for letting him. @GMB #gmb @MaxGeorge #thewanted.”

However, things took a turn for the worse when Richard and Charlotte ended the interview and Richard said, “Tom, it was great talking to you, I know you’re an old friend of Tom’s and it was really nice talking to you.” spectators did not let him pass.

@KirstyLBx said: “Bad enough Richard Madeley constantly interrupting Max, but ending the interview with a thank you for coming to Tom really is the icing on the #GMB cake.” @Calvey1 complained: “@GMB Can someone please tell Richard to pay attention? I just listened to Max talk about his friend Tom for 10 minutes and then he still calls Max Tom. That was a car accident TV moment.”

@Timothy06024821 fumed: “Madeley just called MAX the wanted Tom, did @gmb honestly figure this out? He was talking about Max the whole interview which is rude anyway but worse since it was about his pain and mental health.”

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