ITV Coronation Street’s Charlie De Melo shares the sweet reason he’ll never appear in another soap opera

Coronation Street Charlie De Melo has shared the sweet reason why viewers will never see him appear on another soap opera. The actor has left itv soap after nearly five years of playing Imran Habeeb.

In shocking scenes, the lawyer died from his injuries after being involved in a car accident alongside his new wife Toyah. While Imran was the one who pulled Toyah out of the rubble, he was the new father and husband who tragically lost his life after he suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest at the scene while his wife was being loaded into an ambulance. While fans knew about Charlie’s plans to leave the soap for a few months, Corrie remained tight-lipped about the circumstances of his death and left fans stunned at his permanent departure.

The 32-year-old soap opera star has since revealed more about her decision to leave the long-running soap opera, revealing that she had planned to leave before the coronavirus pandemic struck. “I was having so much fun there and was constantly being challenged and put up against some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with,” Charlie told the Manchester Evening News and other press about his later time on the cobblestones.

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“But that meant I saw a version of myself that would stay there until I got kicked or whatever, and I realized that I don’t have a spouse, or a car, or a mortgage, or kids, all these things that I would otherwise would require consistency.” And I thought that if I don’t close my eyes and go out into the void now, I never will.

Charlie admits he toyed with the idea of ​​being able to return for years to come, as did his on-screen wife, Georgia Taylor. But the decision was taken out of his hands and now it is time for him to move on to new pastures.

But don’t expect that to include another piece of soap paper. When asked about his plans and what he’d like to do next, Charlie said, “I’m ambitious, but I’m also a bit directionless. It would be a shorter list to say what I don’t want to do. I don’t mean this.” sounds derogatory, but the main thing is not to do another job like this. [Corrie].

Charlie on screen with Georgia, Jane and Millie

“One, I’ve done it and, two… wherever it is, whatever the other show is, there will never be another Georgia there or another Millie.” [Gibson – who plays Kelly Neelan] there and there will never be another Jane [Danson – Leanne Battersby] there.

“The experience I’ve had here is unparalleled and trying to match it by going somewhere else like this would be a diminished return.”

And it hasn’t been easy leaving his co-stars behind. “I’ve settled down and accepted the fact that I will most likely never work with Georgia again, Millie again, Jane again, Ben [Price – Nick Tilsley] again, all these wonderful actors that I have had the pleasure of working with, so closely and so often. Realizing that is annoying.”

Georgia, who was first told by Charlie about her decision to leave, was also “heartbroken” by the news. When asked how she feels about it, the soap opera star, 41, told the Manchester Evening News and another press: “Heartbroken. I absolutely adore him. It’s been a dream, an absolute dream. We’ve been on the show together for three and a half years, but in the last year, since we’ve done all the material with Seb’s trial , we’ve been pretty busy constantly and most of our stuff has been together and it’s been a joy.”

Charlie became close with his co-stars.

He continued effusively, “He’s a lot of fun, so we laugh a lot, but honestly he’s one of the most supportive people I’ve ever worked with and even now, obviously we’re still in touch, he’s texting me, ‘How came out the day go? Are you okay?’ He is just a team player.

“And I mean look at him, no complaints there either. He’s beautiful. He’s been amazing, but I’m really excited to see what he does next because I think the opportunities are going to be endless for him. He’s going to fly.”

But they won’t get away from him that easily. “I wouldn’t let them [not stay in touch with him] even if they wanted to,” Charlie joked. He was also full of admiration for the young cast of the telenovela and had nothing bad to say about his time on the most famous street in the country.

“It’s what everyone says where they are in my position when they’re about to leave, and it seems so serious and insincere, but it’s so true that it’s [Corrie] It’s just the best place to work and list my highlights…everything is a highlight, so nothing is,” she said.

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