How dare Toni Kroos and Real Madrid celebrate victory? Think Man City and Liverpool

It is classless of Toni Kroos to laugh at the absurdity of football; he was probably still wearing that shirt too, sending a message to Liverpool…

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We all like clicks. They pay the bills. But this – in the mirror website – is absolutely bullshit and they absolutely know it:

‘Toni Kroos mocks Manchester City after Champions League exit – ‘fucking joke!’

They are more than happy to give you the impression that Kroos has called manchester city “damn joke”. Actually, it’s not even an impression; That’s more or less what the headline says. They say that ‘Kroos makes fun of Manchester City’ and the truth is that he is not. He should sue. If it was Martin O’Neill, he would.

“Toni Kroos couldn’t help but laugh at Manchester City’s remarkable collapse in the dying minutes of a dramatic Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid.”

Well he could. Because he did. What he clearly ‘laughed at’ (with the use of emojis) was the absurdity of this Real Madrid side.

“The German midfield maestro just tweeted four laughing emojis at the expense of the Citizens…”

Part of that sentence is true.

‘…and then added Instagram : “This team is a fucking joke.”

It’s strange that Mirror doesn’t include said Instagram post in a story entirely about this Instagram post. Well, it’s not weird when you see it…

Do you still think he was making fun of Manchester City?

But why worry about the truth when you can get clicks from laughing Liverpool and Manchester United fans?

top of the classless
And the the theme continues in it Manchester Evening Newsalthough the clicks they want are from angry Manchester City fans, so…

‘Toni Kroos shares classless response to Real Madrid’s Champions League victory over Man City’

He posted some laughing emojis because the football game was absurd; Real Madrid’s race to the final is absurd. He is a 32-year-old man about to play in his fifth Champions League final. Do you really think his instinct is to laugh at Manchester City? It’s bullshit?

“Real Madrid star Toni Kroos has posted a truly classless message in response to a devastating comeback his side shot against Manchester City on Wednesday night.”

How dare he bask in his own team’s victory? The lowest of the low. Human waste.

Prepare to be successful
“Real Madrid was so sure of beating Man City that they had special shirts designed to celebrate the victory” – Sun.

Why is the media always amazed when clubs prepare for a win? Did you book a bus? Did they book hotel rooms? It’s called logistics, guys.

What is the alternative? A printing press next to the pitch to put out some shirts full time?

And how do you beat a crash? I’m not sure it’s safe for Google.

to the t-shirt
But really, we know what those shirts were. Because this means more clicks. So…

Real Madrid sends a shirt message to Liverpool after Manchester City’s Champions League comeback

You might think that Real Madrid was partying and looking forward to another Champions League final, but you’d be wrong. It was a ‘message’ because everything in football is a ‘message’, and most things are a ‘message to Liverpool’ because it clicks.

From the Mirror history:

After the match, once victory was secured, all the Real Madrid players donned special versions of their personalized home jersey with the words “‘All out for” above the number 14. The jersey refers to the fact that Los Blancos currently have 13 Champions League titles in their trophy case and now they have a chance to add to that tally.

This is not the first time the European titans have made this kind of gesture, with all the players wearing shirts that also said “All out for” over the number 13 ahead of the 2018 final in kyiv against Jurgen Klopp’s Reds. The photos sparked outrage among Liverpool fans, many of whom described the stunt as disrespectful.

Again with the lack of class. Where do these Real Madrid players come from with their celebrations, their laughter and their shirts?

the true story

Make Rum, Rum Rum
Neil Custis, Sun exclusive, January 2022: ‘CRISTIANO RONALDO will leave Manchester United in the summer if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League’.

Neil Custis, Sun exclusive, March 2022: ‘CRISTIANO RONALDO’s future at Manchester United is in serious doubt after missing Sunday’s derby.’

Neil Custis, Sun exclusive, March 2022: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is increasingly determined to leave Man Utd this summer after having confrontational talks with agent’

Neil Custis, Sun exclusive, May 2022: ‘CRISTIANO RONALDO is now considering leaving Manchester United as his top four hopes fade.’

So four months after you were “ready to go”, “you are now considering quitting”? And two months after he was ‘increasingly determined to quit’, ‘is he now considering quitting’? It makes a lot of sense.

Strangely, Ronaldo didn’t let it be known that he might ‘quit’ Manchester United during February when he managed just one goal in nine games, but he always wants to ‘quit’ when he is actually scoring goals. A coincidence, we are sure.

Also, and we’re as bored writing this as you are reading it: he has a contract; you can’t just ‘give up’ unless you buy your contract. So if ‘Old Trafford bosses know they’re in for a big fight to keep the superstar’, then they’re idiots because he’s literally going nowhere unless they decide to sell (and he agrees to go) or pay for his own contract. He is not in charge here.

Still, we expect to be told exclusively next month that he is ‘thinking about maybe leaving’ Manchester United. Especially if he ends the season with 20 goals in the Premier League.

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