Holby City Jac Naylor actress Rosie Marcel rushed to hospital for surgery

Holby City’s Rosie Marcel was rushed to hospital for surgery and updated fans from her bed, while praising the NHS. This comes after the medical drama aired its last episode.

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Holby City sees Jac Naylor in critical condition

Rosie Marcel, who played the role of Jac Naylor in Holby City, was rushed to hospital to undergo surgery.

On Thursday, the 44-year-old London actress took to social media to update her fans.

In the snapshots she could be seen in a hospital bed, and one of the photos showed wires and tubes connected to her.

The other saw an IV bag filled with something, and the final snap saw her feet crossed at the end of the hospital bed.

Along with the large number of snapshots, Rosie wrote a caption thanking the National Health Service for your care.

She wrote: “I ended up in the old ER the other night.

“Stoke Mandeville is my new local hospital and they were great.

“The ambulance crew was amazing too. They operated on me the next day and came home shortly after.”

Holby City and Casualty actress Rosie Marcel has been rushed to A&E



He started in the medical drama in 2005.


BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Rosie then concluded: “Very, very grateful to the NHS for taking care of me and treating me quickly. #fentanyl #morphine, all good! #NHS.”

Fans of the actress were quick to wish her well, with many flocking to the comments to tell her to get well soon.

Fans from Holby City and Casualty also participated in full force, with one writing: “I imagine you were a better patient than the last time we saw you at the hospital.”

Another added: “I hope you get better soon. I bet you have some funny reactions when you see ‘Jac Naylor’ rock out.”

Taking to Instagram Rosie shared a lot of snaps



Lying in a hospital bed, she praised the NHS



“Sending thoughts for a quick and speedy recovery! I know we all wanted Jac back, but you may have taken a step too far. I hope you are doing well,” chimed in a third.

While a fourth said: “You had quite a bit of practice, I’m glad to see it went well and it didn’t end like the show.”

Rosie is famous for her role as Jac Naylor on Holby City and its sister series Casualty, and was recently written out of both series when the previous show came to an end.

In late March, Holby City fans were devastated when the drama came to an emotional end after 23 years on the show. BBC.

The final episode of the show saw Rosie’s character Jac wake up from a life-or-death operation to remove her brain tumor.

Jac’s last waking moment was seen scenes later, when Sacha tended to her while saying that Elliot had booked her for a scan.

The last episode of the show aired at the end of March.



He joked, “You really love me,” and Jac replied, “You know I do,” his voice getting weaker and weaker as he had a stroke, leaving the fan-favorite character brainless.

Fletch later explained to Sacha, Elliot, and Max the decision Jac had made as they fought to save her, saying, “She said if something like this happened, I think she knew something like this was coming and she made up her mind.”

As Sacha and Max broke down in emotional scenes at not being able to save her, Elliot said, “It’s up to Jac. We may not like it, but we have to respect it.”

Holby City fans later learned that Jac had decided to donate his organs, including his heart, lungs, liver, and pancreas, to “make a difference to many lives.”

In the final moments of the show, a voiceover detailed the people who had received Jac’s organ donations, from a medical student to a full-time mother of four.

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