Have you heard these ‘toxic phrases in the workplace’?

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Hello fellow internet citizens! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of internet insider information.

We have stories from across the network today, including: a daughter speaking against his mother running for Congress on TikTok, fans of Star Wars making racist comments to an actressand a viral video exposing “toxic phrases for the workplace” you have probably heard while looking for work.

Also, our Culture Editor tiffany kelly is replacing this week for the “now broadcasting”, which dives into the latest season of Strange things.

Let’s do it!


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POLITICS: The daughter of a congressional candidate in Florida is making waves online for using TikTok to oppose his mother’s candidacy for Congress. The daughter of the senator from the state of Florida. Kelli Stargel (R) started a series of videos last week captioned: “Don’t vote for the worst mom in the world.”

TRANSMISSION: In a sadly predictable move for him Star Wars franchise, actress Moses Ingram faces a racist backlash against his role in Obi Wan Kenobi, the recently launched show on Disney+. Our culture reporter Topsail breaks it all down in his full report, which you can read here.

VIRAL WORK: A TikToker has gone viral after she posted a video listing a handful of “toxic phrases for the workplacenext to what she thinks they really mean. the worst sentence Do you listen during job interviews? that the company isas a family.”

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in STRANGER THINGS.

‘Stranger Things’ season 4 packs into gore

On Friday, Netflix went down seven episodes of the fourth season of his successful series Strange things. (The final two episodes arrive on July 1.)

As expected, the series climbed to the top from the streamer’s top 10 list and also powered Kate Bush’s 1985 song “up that hill to number 1 on iTunes; in case you haven’t seen all the new episodes yet, the song factors heavily into a character’s story.

But beyond the praise for the new season and the excitement of reuniting with our favorite characters, who are now scattered throughout Indiana and California, there is debate about an important aspect from season 4: the blood.

Strange things I was never a show for the faint of heart. In the first season, people disappear into an alternate dimension called the Upside Down, where faceless monsters roam. multiple characters die through telekinesis. However, the program, starring several teenagers, has I always felt familiar.

That is mainly due to his big dose of 80’s nostalgia Y tributes to TV shows and movies of that decade, as Eastern Time., Day of the DeadY Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This season, however, it feels different. There is a darker tone, which is usual in a series where young characters get older. But not everyone is a fan. (The following contains some spoilers for season 4.)

Hello friends just a Strange things TW for blood, gore and eating disorders in ep1,” a Twitter user wrote. Others tweeted about no desire to continue watching the show due to the level of gore. Some horror fans felt the opposite: They applauded the gore.

The first episode of season 4 includes a content warningsince it premiered days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: “…viewers may find the opening scene of episode 1 harrowing. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to all the families grieving a loved one.”

It’s not just the opening scene of the first episode that’s gory – the season is full of things like broken bones, eyeballs pushed outmonsters eating peopleand a teenage being hit in the face with a skateboard.

The last season of Strange things feel more like an adult show while maintaining its campy ’80s vibes. The series is fun and quick to watch (i finished it in one day) and has a solid arc for Season 4’s main villain, Vecna.

If you are a person who shudders at the horror of the body on screen, though. watch carefully this season. The last two episodes, one of which is more than two hours longThey are likely to get even bloodier as a battle with Vecna ​​is imminent.

But the subtitles can’t get much grosser than “moist stretched meat,” Can they?

tiffany kelly

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Two chefs entered a kitchen…

It is home chef the auction? Let’s find out. A good chef and a bad chef tried Home Chef, and This is what happened.


Here are some key dispatches from across the network.

????️ Sweden became the center of an online discussion this weekend on the details of house guests during meals.

???? A black TikToker says it was racially profiled and “attacked” by a security guard in a Zara Store.

???? These stories are becoming too common. A tenant in Miami is putting your apartment complex on fire showing the many problems with the building as its landlord increased his rent by $1,500.

☕ A video showing starbucks workers taking orders from self-service customers who are still online has went viral and unexpectedly started a debate in the comments on the situation ethics.

???? TikTok star Michael Le is venture into web3 with a new gaming platform called Joystick. Register by Passion fruitthe daily point creator economy weekly newsletterfor more coverage.

????️ A woman who spent Memorial Day housekeeping detailed his trip with the neighbors he originally thought they were disturbing the music at full volume and how things finally played.

???? Gather the family for some g rated fun. these are the best kids tv shows which are actually good.*

⏲️ One TikToker says her boyfriend has a unique way of making sure funny things he does don’t last too long called”funny timers.” spectators had mixed reactions to the video

⚰️ In “death on the internet”, the Daily Dot explores how the the digital me can live in the memory of the Internet, even after the the real me has abandoned him.

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a Twitter user highlighted a law that many people online found it shocking when it comes to gun laws in Texas: there are is not a limit in how many weapons you can own, but there is there is a limit to the number of dildos you can have.

Adult sex toys on red background with tweet by Nicole Tersigni caption centered "there is no limit on the number of guns you can have in texas, but there IS a limit on the number of dildos you can have (5)


(With licence)

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