Harry and Meghan’s popularity hits record low ahead of Queen’s Jubilee, poll shows

According to a new YouGov poll, almost two-thirds of adults in the UK (63 per cent) have a negative opinion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, an all-time low in their poll.

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Andrew, Harry and Meghan will not join Queen for Jubilee balcony appearance

prince harry Y meghan markle’s popularity in the UK has plummeted to a new low before the Queen’s Platinum JubileeA new survey has been revealed.

the couple owes will travel to Britain this week with his children Archie and Lilibet participate in the Jubilee celebrations.

However, the latest YouGov poll has shown that the couple’s popularity has dropped again with the public, with popularity scores for both royals hitting new lows.

Harry’s popularity has fallen with just one in three (32 per cent) viewing him positively compared to more than half (58 per cent) viewing him negatively.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have seen their popularity drop in the UK, according to a new poll


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Likewise, Meghan’s favorability has also decreased. Only 23 per cent of the public have a positive opinion of the Duchess of Sussex, while two in three (63 per cent) have a negative opinion.

However, the Sussexes are still viewed positively among young people, but by a narrower margin.

About 42 percent of 18-24 year olds view Harry positively and 33 percent view him negatively.

This age group is more divided by Meghan, with 38 per cent viewing her positively and 36 per cent negatively.

The queen remains the most popular royal, survey shows



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Meanwhile, the most popular royal, according to the survey, is the Queen, with eight in 10 Britons (81 per cent) having a positive view of her, compared to 12 per cent who view her negatively.

Three in five (60 percent) of those between the ages of 18 and 24 have a positive view of the Queenwhile only one in five (18 percent) have a negative opinion.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is people aged 65 and over who hold the Queen in highest regard (92%). The queen also has a significantly higher favorability score among females (70%) than among males (57%).

After the Queen, the second most popular royalty is prince williamfollowed by his wife Kate.

Prince William is the second most popular and Kate is the third most popular, the survey shows.

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are followed by Prince carlos and Camilla and the lowest rank of all royals is Prince Andrew.

Meanwhile, the data also shows that the public is split 34 percent to 37 percent on whether Charles should succeed as king after the Queen, or whether the crown should pass to the more popular William.

According to YouGov, the British public tends to think that both princes will be good kings if they ascend the throne.

But there is significantly more trust in William than in Charles, with 77 per cent of the public believing William will do a good job as king, compared to 57 per cent for Charles.

Furthermore, seven in ten Britons (72 per cent) say William is a good role model for young people, compared with just six per cent who think he is not.

However, when it comes to his brother, YouGov says people are divided. Three in ten (31 per cent) think Harry is a good role model, while 36 per cent think he is bad and 25 per cent say nothing.

YouGov conducted the survey of 1,692 adults in the UK earlier this month.

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