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Noah faces his destiny while Amelia is in danger (Image: ITV)

The teens of Emmerdale are in crisis as Noah (Jack Downham) faces his sentence, but he is not yet ready to accept the support of his mother Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

And meanwhile, in the midst of it all, Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is getting pushed out more and more, leading her to make a drastic decision.

Elsewhere, Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) takes a huge risk with weight gain syrup and soon collapses.

In other news, Kim Tate (Claire King) is suspicious, but doesn’t know the half of what Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is up to…

Monday June 6

David is miserable when he clumsily fires Kerry in an attempt to save money. (Image: ITV)

Leyla prepares a change

Having taken a line before breakfast, Leyla’s nervous behavior at home catches Liam’s attention and later, when unable to finish an interview with a journalist after feeling unwell, Suzy finds coke in Leyla’s bag and warns Leyla about the dangers of buying drugs from an unknown dealer. .

Suzy tells some home truths to an angry Leyla. When Suzy storms out to do the interview herself, Leyla is left alone with the cocaine. Determined to make a change, Leyla washes out the rest of her coke in the sink.

Mack calls Ethan at the Woolie to ask him about Noah’s chances in court. When Kerry overhears her conversation, she and Charity argue about Noah until Charity kicks Kerry out.

Charity is pleased to see Noah outside the pub, but is quickly hurt when he continues to blame her for his problems. Noah is taken aback when Mack tries to diffuse the atmosphere.

Noah is surprised when Charity sides with Mack as she fights back. Despite firing him, she is heartbroken to see a resigned Noah walk off alone. At the pub, Charity wonders if she has done the right thing.

David is miserable when he clumsily fires Kerry in an attempt to save money.

Ryan agrees to let Marcus move in with Ethan and the happy couple go for some celebratory drinks with Charles.

Tuesday June 7

Charity sees Noah’s reaction to her arrival at court and regrets coming. (Image: ITV)

mom is not the word

In Wishing Well, despite his bad mood, Noah appreciates Belle’s support as they leave for court. To Belle’s disappointment, Noah refuses to receive his things from Charity, claiming that she no longer has a mother. Charity is determined to put on a brave face before Noah’s sentencing.

When Sarah realizes her birthday has been forgotten, Noah and his problems constantly overshadow her. Outside Village Hall, Amelia wishes Noah well at court, but he is too distracted to strike up a conversation.

Charity is devastated to see her son leave town looking so lost and alone. Now in court, Charity sees Noah’s reaction to his arrival at court and regrets having come. As the sentence begins, the group anxiously awaits Noah’s fate.

Bernice and Nicola compete with each other over council business. Nicola fights dirty by stealing Bernice’s ideas.

Kim worries that Will is hiding something despite his best efforts to throw her off the scent.

Wednesday June 8

A buzzing Jacob arrives at Tenants eager to talk about college (Image: ITV)

willing to lie

At the junkyard, a beloved Kim and Will make arrangements to go out to dinner. Just as Kim leaves, Mike shows up unannounced with an important update for Will. Mike tells Will that a man fitting Jamie’s description was seen near Hazel’s house.

When Mike suggests a DNA test, Will must juggle the need to get solid proof of Jamie’s existence with the idea of ​​continuing to lie to Kim.

Later, at the Home Farm, oblivious to their secret mission, an exhausted Gabby is pleased when Will offers to babysit Thomas. As he unpacks the DNA sample kit, Will realizes that he is ignoring Kim’s dinner plans to do this. Kim is furious at Will for standing her up.

Somber at the web of lies he’s been forced to weave, Will tells Mike he has Thomas’s hair and gives him twenty-four hours.

When a buzzy Jacob arrives at Tenants eager to talk about college, a wiry Leyla tries to act normal. However, she doesn’t cheat on Liam, who is increasingly convinced that she suffers from PTSD.

That night, Take A Vow is bustling with business as a dizzy Leyla tries to keep up.

Chloe decides to throw Sarah a small birthday party that night to make it up to her family. Charity breaks down as she reflects on all the chaos in her life and blames herself for her family’s misfortunes.

Later at the cafe, Charity struggles to keep her composure as Brenda questions her about Noah.

Thursday June 9

Amelia tries to convince the gang that she’s okay (Image: ITV)

Charity doesn’t start at home for Sarah

Sarah’s anger with Charity reaches its peak when she realizes that Charity is too distracted by Noah and decides to leave town for good.

Faith catches Sarah trying to hide her suitcase and sends Charity a message. Will a broken Charity be able to convince her to stay with her as she struggles to cope with the loss of another child?

Will is stunned when Mike demands three grand for the DNA results. Knowing that he doesn’t have the money, Will asks Mike for a few hours to get the funds. At the Portakabin, Will is conflicted when he transfers three of the big ones from the company’s accounts to pay Mike.

His guilt increases when Jimmy expresses concern about the trucking company’s finances after losing another customer. How will Kim react when she discovers three grand in cash in her purse and the trucking company accounts open on her laptop?

Cathy is exasperated by Amelia’s concern for aesthetics.

Amelia encourages Cathy to try again with Samson. When Amelia suddenly collapses, the group gathers around her in fear.

Amelia tries to convince the gang that she is okay, claiming that she didn’t eat that day. Aware of the dangers of syrup for weight gain, Cathy isn’t sure if she believes him or not.

Kim and Mary get along like a house on fire. Marlon is intimidated by the prospect of a physio with the energetic Kit at home.

friday 10the june 2022

Heath is questioned by Bob and Dan (Image: ITV)

Kim-possible questions for Will

Kim questions Will, but will he come clean about what he’s been doing with Mike?

Bob and Dan question Heath as they search for the truth about Amelia’s breakdown.

Marlon looks forward to his appointment with the physio.

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