Emmerdale Spoilers: Dales Star’s Real-Life Cause of Death Revealed; more news from EastEnders and Coronation Street

EMMERDALE actor Andy Devine has died of “hospital-acquired pneumonia” after an accidental fall, a coroner has ruled.

The 79-year-old actor played Shadrach Dingle for ten years afterward. Emmerdale until 2010.

But his death on January 27 was only revealed on Monday, and the cause of death was only revealed on Wednesday morning.

A statement from Sefton Senior Coroner Julie Goulding said on Tuesday that the TV actor appeared to have “lost his balance resulting in a fall” and died at Southport Hospital, Merseyside.

She added: “He was unable to get up until his carers arrived to help him about an hour later.”

His condition deteriorated from there “culminating in his death”, with Mrs Goulding concluding that it was an “accident”.

Former Emmerdale actor Liam O’Brien, who played Ethan Blake, reacted by saying, “Heartbroken.”

Andy, born Peter, also starred in Queer As Folk and Doctor Who. he left the itv soap more than ten years before leaving in 2010.

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  • Emmerdale: Noah’s trial takes over and Sarah’s birthday is ruined

    Poor Sarah’s birthday celebrations don’t go as well as they hoped, as everyone is worried about Noah’s trial.

    Charity feels bad about reporting her son to the police after discovering his strange incel behavior.

    Sarah is so upset when her family forgets about her, she packs her things and grabs her suitcase.

  • Kellie Bright and Prince Charles have met once before

    He met the Duke of Cornwall some time ago when he was part of BBC Radio 4’s The Archers.

    Kellie played Kate Madikane from 1995 to 2004. During The Archers’ 50th anniversary party, Prince Charles showed up to join in the celebrations.

    They had their party at St James’s Place.

    Prince Charles and Camilla appeared on the set of Coronation Street in 2000 for the show’s 40th anniversary.

  • Get dirty on the cobblestones!

    The Coronation Street Instagram page shared images of actors completely covered in mud!

    Tyrone and Phill had a firefight with hoses, as they fought for Fiz’s affections.

    It looks like Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone, and Jamie Kenna, who plays Phill, had a good laugh while filming that scene!

  • Corrie: Toyah LEFT EastEnders?

    It seems that he comes out of the car accident worse, will he make it out alive?

    Toyah and Imran get tangled up in a nasty car accident, and cutscenes show Imran begging Toyah not to die.

    So far, it has been confirmed that Toyah will not be leaving the Cobbles.

    However, Imran’s actor Charlie De Melo will depart, but how he will say goodbye remains to be seen.

  • Coronation Street onlookers left confused by car crash scene

    The accident scene was not broadcast, and was instead cut to scenes of Toyah passing out.

    Viewers watched tensions build as Toyah and Imran try to stop Abi from fleeing the country with her baby, Alfie.

    Toyah storms off, but Imran manages to catch up with her and talk.

    Imran is about to tell him his lies in court, but the scene cuts to the aftermath of the accident.

    One viewer tweeted: “Huh!? Speaking of cheap! They didn’t even show us the damn crash! #run

    Another added: “They better show the real crash tomorrow. #run.”

  • EastEnders will change the ICONIC theme tune for the Jubilee

    Viewers are shocked to learn that show bosses are changing the theme tune for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s appearance.

    The theme song has been completely rewritten for the special event and is composed by Simon May.

    He was the creative that made the EastEnders theme tune in the past.

  • Coronation Street: Cheating on a test while Summer gets into trouble

    Aadi Alahan could take the blame for helping Summer.

    She cheats during her exam, but Aadi takes the blame to help her.

    Will it ruin your chances of continuing your studies?

  • Hollyoaks Spoiler: Nancy Finally Gives Birth AT WORK

    Vice Principal Nancy’s water breaks while she is locked in a classroom.

    Felix and Nancy deliver the baby while working together to make sure the baby is delivered as safely as possible.

    Darren returns home from the bachelor party to meet the new girl, but unfortunately he has to tell Nancy some very serious news…

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Luke Morgan Dies As Health Tragically Declines

    He was diagnosed with FTD, frontotemporal dementia, three years ago.

    With his demeanor changing, acting wildly impulsive.

    For his next wedding with Cindy, he travels by plane to Mallorca with some friends.

    In a terrifying twist, his wedding rings are stolen when armed robbers threaten him.

    In later scenes, Cindy gets a call from the hospital saying there is nothing more they can do to help Luke.

    Is this the end?

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Involved In Devastating Car Accident

    Linda and her daughter Nancy take a trip to Watford, but after being involved in a massive fight, Linda ends up in a horrible accident.

    The confrontation breaks out. Nancy finds out how Linda was planning to leave Walford a few weeks ago.

    She runs off leaving Linda and little Annie behind.

    Linda meets with Janine, who is nervous that Linda will reveal that she lost Nancy’s deposit on a house.

    Janine and Linda go for a drive, but Janine loses control of the vehicle…

  • Corrie Spoilers: Police Investigation Launched Into Car Crash

    Next, the street is reeling after the car accident, while baby Alfie’s future looks increasingly uncertain.

    Suspicion mounts over the circumstances of the accident, especially after it is revealed that Abi’s mechanic husband, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) was the last to work on the Habeebs’ car.

    Soon enough, the car accident becomes a case for the police to solve, and an investigation is launched.

    After the accident, the authorities made it clear that they did not believe it was an accident and took Abi in for questioning.

    Meanwhile, actress Sally Carman has stated that her character might actually be innocent, but brings up her own misgivings about her on-screen husband.

    “It’s hard to have a rational brain about it,” the actress he told The Sun and other press.

    “She’s really worried about what Kevin did to the car.”

    But has Kevin really gone that far out of love for her?

  • Brooke Vincent looks a long way from Sophie Webster as she prepares for a romantic dinner

    Brooke Vincent de Corrie was a little white for a romantic dinner with her fiancé Kean Bryan.

    Former soap opera star Mom babysat her kids Mexx and Monroe last night so the couple could enjoy some alone time.

    Taking a photo before leaving the house, Brooke looked great in a jumpsuit from PrettyLittleThing.

    Former co-star Catherine Tyldesley commented, “I love this xxxx outfit.”

    Sally Carman said: “Beautiful ???? That belt ????”.

    Helen Flanagan, who played her on-screen sister Rosie Webster in Corrie, left loving heart eyes underneath.

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    Everything you need to know about Coronation Street

  • Seven Amazing EastEnders Spoilers

    As parties are thrown across the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the square is getting ready to celebrate too.

    But the celebrations will not stop anything from the usual. EastEnders the drama unfolds.

    1. The square welcomes royal visitors
    2. stacey breaks down
    3. Linda buys a new business
    4. Sharon kicks Zack out
    5. Suki is stunned when a member of her family returns.
    6. Rainie struggles to cope
    7. Callum brushes off Ben’s concerns.

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  • Charlie Brooks lookalike daughter of EastEnders

    EASTENDERS star Charlie Brooks surprised fans with a rare snapshot of his daughter Kiki.

    Charlie, who plays the scheming Janine Butcher on the BBC One soap opera, gushed over her “beautiful” daughter after the teenager posted a sun-kissed selfie.

    Kiki, 17, styled her wavy blonde hair in a half updo and pouted at the camera.

    Charlie proudly commented on Kiki’s photo, writing, “So beautiful baby ????.”

    Fans were quick to comment on the striking resemblance to her famous mother.

    One wrote: “She’s definitely your lookalike isn’t she?”

  • Corrie fans convinced Abi will kill Imran

    CORONATION Street fans are convinced that Abi Webster will murder Imran Habeeb after he caught her trying to flee the country with baby Alfie.

    One wrote: “Abi is going to kill Imran! She is desperate to keep that baby!”

    A second said: “Imran is a dead man!”

    Another added: “IMRAN FOUND THE PASSPORTS! Now what?! What will Abby do? What will IMRAN do?!

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