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88 min: Trapp saves from Antonio! West Ham nearly set up a grandstand finish. Rice threw a great cross to Antonio, who took it beautifully in the chest and shot a cross back on goal. He was too close to Trapp, who made a comfortable save in the end.

88 minutes Kostic wins a corner for Frankfurt, whose fans are in the midst of noisy ecstasy.

88 minutes “Rob”, writes Tomis in Frankfurt. “I am curious why you refer to Eintracht exclusively as Frankfurt, while you call the London club West Ham all the time. The name of the former’s club is Eintracht. (FSV) Frankfurt is a club that plays in the fourth division Regionalliga Süd”.

It’s just ignorance on my part, so sorry for that. I’ll try to remember for the final (if selected).

87 minutes Andriy Yarmolenko enters for Coufal.

86 minutes Toure hits from 20 meters. Actually, Areola got a touch, although I think she was going too far anyway.

84 minutes It appears that David Moyes kicked the ball to a ball boy, not one of the Eintracht Frankfurt staff. Oh darling. I’m sure we’ll hear more about that.

83 minutes Substitute Patience, just coming on, hits an acrobatic volley not far from an excellent cross from Kostic.

82 minutes Two changes for Frankfurt. Goncalo Paciencia and Ajdin Hrusstic replace Jens Petter Hauge and Rafael Borre.

81 min: It’s starting again! Frankfurt is unhappy because they believe West Ham continued to play when they should have returned the ball. That led to some pressure, after which Benrahma and Knauff were booked. Goalkeeper Trapp also went looking for Antonio, an interesting decision on his part.

80 minutes Rice’s long-range shot bounces awkwardly off Trapp, who catches it on the second down.

David Moyes kicked out!

79 minutes Oh, this is what happened. Moyes walked over and asked for the ball back as he came out for a throw-in. He didn’t like the way it fell at his feet, so he threw it right at one of the Frankfurt coaching staff! That caused the melee and he was sent off by the referee.

David Moyes receives a red!
David Moyes receives a red! Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

78 minutes It’s starting between the two banks. I’m not sure what happened, but Kevin Nolan and one of the Frankfurt staff got a yellow card.

77 minutes Someone has been booked, possibly Antonio, for a bit of wrestling before the corner.

76 minutes Frankfurt brings in Kristijan Jakic for captain Sebastian Rode.

76 minutes A free kick is only partially cleared by Frankfurt, and Benrahma hooks a shot that deflects from behind for a corner. He appeals to handball; no one else is interested.

75 minutes West Ham’s attitude has been impeccable. and given the circumstances, their performance in the second half has been completely admirable. They do not realize that they are defeated.

74 min: West Ham substitution It’s time for Said Benrahma. He replaces Pablo Fornals.

72 minutes Antonio grabs Ndicka from the right and drives a tremendous low cross that is pushed by Trapp who dives. He could have fallen to Soucek or Bowen; instead, he ran past them and was cleared.

69 minutes Kostic’s center that Zouma heads to the edge of the area. Kamada picks up the ball, switches it to his left foot and drags a shot wide of the far post.

67 minutes BERNAHMA, DAVID.

66 minutes Rode is booked for a lunge at Bowen. This is a good spell for West Ham, probably the most threatening of the match.

65 minutes Bowen throws a good pass to get Antonio one on one with Ndicka, who cleans us up with the minimum of fuss. Reservation aside, he has played Antonio very well.

64 minutes A deep, angled free kick from the left is brought down well in the chest by Dawson, but then he finishes off his cross. That was a small opportunity for West Ham.

60 minutes Antonio swings wide left and nails a deep cross to Dawson, whose downward header is comfortably stopped by Trapp to his left. But it was more of a good move by West Ham, who have not given up.

58 minutes At the other end, Kostic shoots from afar.

57 minutes Good move from West Ham. Fornals finds Bowen, whose low angled cross is deflected by Toure in the six-yard box. Antonio waited behind him to score.

Pablo Fornals in action for West Ham.
Pablo Fornals in action for West Ham. Photograph: Simon Dael/REX/Shutterstock

56 minutes Sow shoots from 30 meters and instantly regrets it.

55 minutes Knauff, the most exciting player on the field, dives dangerously infield from the right and is eventually blocked by Johnson in the box.

53 minutes Not much happens. West Ham are holding their own but they have really struggled to create anything in the open game. He said that Benrahma has to come, in my humble and jerky opinion.

49 minutes Hauge forces a pass to Borre, 22 meters from the goal. He spins the ball in the air and fires a volley with his left foot that Areola comfortably stops to her left. Borre is very good at finding gaps between Dawson/Zouma and Soucek/Rice.

48 minutes The Frankfurt fans are making an incredible noise. If all goes according to plan for them, this second half is going to be one long party.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans have fun.
Eintracht Frankfurt fans have fun. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

46 minutes peep! West Ham starts the second half, without changes anywhere.

Cresswell is being massacred on Twitter, as expected in such a vacuum of empathy. The poor guy must be in pieces. His season, perhaps his entire career, will be remembered for two extremely costly split-second miscalculations.

There is a lot going on in the other semi-final at Ibrox. I won’t tell you the score, just in case, but you can follow the game with Scott Murray.

Half-time: Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 West Ham (aggregate: 3-1)

Eintracht Frankfurt are a stone’s throw away from their first European final in 42 years. West Ham started confidently, but Aaron Cresswell’s red card in the 19th minute changed everything. Rafael Borre’s superb goal doubled Frankfurt’s aggregate lead, and a drunken West Ham’s only chance came when Evan Ndicka cleared the line from Kurt Zouma.

It’s almost impossible to see a way back from here, although I guess we said the same thing 24 hours ago.

45+3 minutes A very frustrated Declan Rice is booked for dissenting.

Declan Rice walks into the book.
Declan Rice walks into the book. Photograph: Simon Dael/REX/Shutterstock

45+2 minutes “Frankfurt seems really focused,” says Niall Mullen, “like they have an Eintracht mind.”

That’s clever or abysmal, and I’m really torn. Let’s put it to the Twitterati… (let’s not).

45+1min Rode shoots from a few meters away. Areola had it covered.

45 minutes Four minutes of added time.

45 minutes It was Ndicka who cleared Zouma’s line. That would have been a huge boost for West Ham.

44 min: Offline for Frankfurt! Bowen’s free kick crossed the penalty area, hit the blind Zouma and was cleared off the line by a Frankfurt defender! And no, I don’t know who it was!

43 minutes Yellow card for Ndicka for a bad tackle on Antonio, who made a good run down the right.

42 minutes I wonder if David Moyes might be tempted to bring in Said Benrahma at halftime. They need something different, a bit of unpredictability. It would be a risk to lose Fornals’ defensive ability, but there is no point in going out with a groan.

39 minutes Not much is happening, just a lot of possession from Frankfurt. This must be immensely frustrating for the West Ham players, who can’t get a foothold in the game.

37 minutes The outstanding Knauff passes the ball down the line to Hauge, who returns it with a charming backheel. Knauff gets into the area and Johnson challenges him.

Michail Antonio fights Ansgar Knauff.
Michail Antonio fights Ansgar Knauff. Photograph: Rob Newell/CameraSport/Getty Images

36 minutes West Ham were playing well at 0-0, albeit without creating chances, but the double whammy of Cresswell’s red card and Borre’s goal have made this an almost impossible task.

34 minutes Right-back Ansgar Knauff, a 20-year-old on loan from Dortmund, looks like a great player. He is dynamic, skilled, and relentless, but also extremely intelligent in his movements.

33 minutes “If Cresswell has been expelled in European League draws, why he was eligible to play in this match,” says David Hancock. “Am I missing something?”

They are consecutive ties instead of consecutive games. He was sent off in the first leg against Lyon, missed the second leg through suspension and then returned for this tie.

Aaron Cresswell will miss the final, if West Ham go through...
Aaron Cresswell will miss the final, if West Ham go through… Photograph: Michael Probst/AP

33 minutes West Ham hang on for a bit. They just can’t concede another goal before halftime.

30 minutes Ndicka makes an excellent last man challenge on Antonio, who was charging into a Fornals return ball. I think Fornals’ pass was slightly overshot.

28 minutes Here’s Cresswell’s red card. There’s an argument that he wasn’t really a foul, but he took too much risk getting his hands on Hauge, especially since he was the last man.

A lousy start for West Ham reduced to 10 men…

After a VAR review, Aaron Cresswell’s yellow card for bringing down Jens Petter Hauge was upgraded to red 🟥#UEL pic.twitter.com/ZHaPo6zjHC

— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) May 5, 2022

Frankfurt is surely heading to Seville. Two of the stars of the first leg combined for a great goal. Ansgar Knauff curved his run away from Zouma, towards the baseline, then selected Borre with a sharp cut. Borre’s first finish was immaculate, he hit Areola from 10 yards.

GOAL! Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 West Ham (aggregate: 3-1; Erase 26)

uh oh.

West Ham have a mountain to climb.
West Ham have a mountain to climb. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

25 minutes West Ham still have more control, despite having 10 men. There is still a feasible way to get them through (1-0, penalties, jubbly lovely), but it will take a Homeric effort.

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