Doctor Who: TalkRadio debate on same-sex history draws complaints from Ofcom

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TalkRadio has been hit with ofcom complaints after a presenter debated whether Doctor Who having a same-sex relationship plot it is appropriate for children.

Broadcaster Kevin O’Sullivan asked journalist Nigel Pauley at what age children should be exposed to ‘adult problems’, while discussing the blossoming romance between the Time Lord (played by jodie whittaker) and his partner Yaz (Mandip Gill).

Devoted Doctor Who fans were recently over the moon to see the relationship between Doctor 13 and Yaz directed on the eve of the Dalekswith more flirty scenes revealed in the Legend Of The Sea Devils Easter special.

Referring to the burgeoning same-sex romance, Kevin on his TalkRadio show last week: ‘Don’t forget, Doctor Who is meant to be a children’s show.

‘It’s a children’s science fiction drama, you have to ask yourself this question, at what age is it appropriate to start attacking children with these adult problems?

‘Lesbianism, bisexuality, homosexuality, heterosex, at what age is it suitable. So if you have eight-year-olds watching Doctor Who, is that appropriate?’

The Doctor and Yaz shared a ‘moment’ on the Doctor Who Easter special (Picture: BBC)

Journalist Nigel then replied: ‘Well we’d probably think it’s not, but people who have an agenda probably think no age is too young. I think you could write a Doctor Who episode or series, make it very entertaining for children, very scary, without having to make any political points.

“It’s the tedium of TV shows, Kevin, of having to have a political point, having to instill a message, having to deliver a good message, instead of just entertaining us.”

Naturally, many listeners expressed their discomfort at the debate, with one calling the discussion “totally vile.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that Time Lord and Yaz have feelings for each other (Picture: BBC)

‘Does the man not watch television because many of the commercials are sexual, whether they are for perfumes or clothes?’, pointed out one. ‘What’s the difference between a straight couple kissing and an LGBT couple kissing? Children are already exposed to sex in some form, so why not normalize LGBT couples?

Another raged: ‘This is absolutely vile. When I saw a same-sex kiss on #DoctorWho as a child in 2005, it was a transformative moment for me. There is nothing political about representing LOVE.’

‘Sigh… what about children who have two moms or two dads?’ asked a third. ‘Are my children or their classmates too young to see same-sex parents on the playground, to hear “no, I don’t have a dad, my moms are married”? If kids shouldn’t see gay/bisexual couples in the media, what about them in their lives?’

Television watchdog Ofcom has confirmed that 54 listeners filed complaints related to the debate.

Yaz and the Doctor’s romance has been bubbling for some time now, and fans enjoyed the pair having a “moment” in the recently released special.

As the Doctor and Yaz wandered to the bottom of the ocean in the TARDIS, the Doctor joked with his companion: ‘Not a bad date, is it?’

This single line sent viewers into a frenzy, as did both characters’ longing facial expressions.

in January, doctor who was praised by the LGBT charity Stonewall after the New Years special confirmed that two female characters have feelings for each other.

“It’s fantastic to see a featured story about the attraction between two women in the latest episode of Doctor Who,” said Robbie De Santos, Stonewall’s Director of Communications and External Affairs.

“There have been LGBTQ+ themes on the show for a long time, and the storyline between Yasmin Khan and the Doctor is one of the most significant examples yet.

“We can’t be what we can’t see, and seeing same-sex attraction portrayed on one of our most popular television shows will delight viewers and mean a lot to LGBTQ+ people across the country.”

Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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