Discover a myriad of AI-powered vehicular computing options

Discover a myriad of AI-powered vehicular computing options

For users in the transportation industry who want to unleash the power of AI in their computing systems, but are also more comfortable using Intel-based solutions, NEXCOM‘s Mobile computing solutions group brings you Movidius Myriad™-X enhanced transport computing solutions: ATC 8010-7B, nROK/VTC 6222-IMIoT, nROK 7252-IMIoT and VTC 7251-IMIoT. With a choice of mini-PCIe and MXM form factors to fit the spectrum of computing needs, these industrial artificial intelligence edge computers they are best suited for inference purposes, allowing operations to be safer and more efficient, while using the most up-to-date AI technology.

A partnership built to last

Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X Vision Processing Units deliver high performance with low power consumption, giving you more for your money. You can trust that the partnership of high-quality, durable Intel CPUs and NEXCOM’s top-of-the-line computing solutions is a lifetime relationship. Better yet, the Myriad X VPU lets you maximize AI capabilities, while the included OpenVINO™ toolkit makes deep learning models easy. Add the Movidius module, a fanless, power-saving device to help with deep learning at the edge. Those new to implementing AI on IoT platforms can rely on Intel’s VPU design, which provides deep neural networks, power efficiency, and scalability.

Explore the possibilities of transportation AI

The transportation sector is only in the early stages of discovering the endless uses of AI technology. Safety, for example, is one of the most important concerns for both passengers and drivers when implementing such technology. AI powers advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) through safety features such as rear parking, blind spot monitoring, and emergency braking. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition help law enforcement vehicles detect suspicious vehicles and people, while also assisting with parking and payment collection at toll booths. Machine vision is also accelerating the development of fully autonomous vehicles through lane and object detection technology, while obstacle and intruder detection, traffic light management, traffic sign recognition and pantograph inspection help rail systems to transport passengers safely.

Your needs are the most important in NEXCOM

NEXCOM has improved all of our transport solutions for Movidius VPU with thermal dispatch design and anti-vibration/anti-shock protection. Our Movidius solutions include ATC 8010-7B, nROK/VTC 6222-IMIoT, nROK 7252-IMIoT and VTC 7251-IMIoT. The ATC 8010-7B is our AI edge telematics platform designed specifically for more graphics-intensive uses, such as ANPR and AFR. Our nROK platforms are rugged and therefore designed for use with railways, while VTC’s selections are the perfect core for a variety of vehicle systems.

All Movidius-enhanced NEXCOM transport solutions are equipped with four or eight 802.3af/at PoE ports, plus RAID and additional storage drives, to make video surveillance easy. To ensure easy communication with your centralized command center and provide bandwidth for any additional needs, multiple 5G and GPS-enabled WWAN modules are included or can be customized (depending on model type), each with two SIM slots. All solutions also carry CE and FCC Class A approval, as well as E-Mark, EN 50155, and MIL-STD-810G certifications. NEXCOM also provides integrated AI edge accelerators with Myriad X, AIBooster-X1, and AIBooster-X8-MXM, to help with applications such as artificial neural networks, machine vision, and deep learning.

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