David Haye and Eddie Hearn back the challenger, while Dana White, Ricky Hatton and others can’t see past the champion who holds the undefeated record.

Dillian Whyte finally has a shot at world champion, but undefeated Tyson Fury stands in her way to WBC gold.

94,000 people are expected to pack into Wembley Stadium to watch the national showdown on Saturday. which will be live on talkSPORT.

Fury and Whyte will finally fight for the WBC title at Wembley

Fury and Whyte will finally fight for the WBC title at Wembley

But who will win? Fury is the betting favorite to retain his title, but Whyte, 28-2, presents a danger he hasn’t faced before.

Here, talkSPORT.com asked some famous faces for their predictions, starting with John Fury’s best friend

David Haye, former two-weight world champion – Whyte win

“The kind of opponent you need to beat Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte has all of those attributes. He can hit hard, he has cardio for days, he has the desire and the belief in himself.

“I think Whyte is going to cause an upset. I think this is his chance. I think this is what he’s been waiting for. This happened at the right time for him and I think the fact that Tyson Fury is so loved by everyone works in Dillian’s favor. So, I’m going with the unpopular underdog.”

Haye has predicted Whyte will beat Fury

Mark Robinson/Game Room

Haye has predicted Whyte will beat Fury

Carl Frampton, former two-weight world champion – Victoria de Fury

“Dillian Whyte is a good fighter. A really credible opponent for a fight of this magnitude, he’s a good fighter. And he can punch, good left hook, good jab, hard too.

“I think if you build a fighter to [challenging] Tyson Fury, you would build something like Dillian Whyte. A shorter, stockier, aggressive guy, a bit of a fucking savage. I think it’s Dillian Whyte, right? He has more than a chance of a puncher, I think it’s a little disrespectful to say that.

“He’s got lots and lots of determination and probably a little chipped in the shoulder because people think this is going to be an easy fight. But it’s hard for me to see anything other than a Tyson Fury win and I think he can stop him later.”

Frampton thinks Fury will get the job done

Getty Images – Getty Images

Frampton thinks Fury will get the job done

Johnny Nelson, Former Cruiserweight Champion – Victoria de Fury

“You have to go by form. I have to lean towards Fury Tyson in past results and past form, he is the only one who has done everything and backed up everything he has said and done. So he would have to go with Tyson Fury.

“Saying that, when I hear the statements that Whyte has no chance, I think whoever is saying that is absolutely ridiculous.

Dillian Whyte has every chance but he faces a man who is undefeated and so far unbeatable.”

Nelson 'leaning towards' Fury


Nelson ‘leaning towards’ Fury

Spencer Oliver, former super bantamweight boxer – Victoria de Fury

“I think Dillian Whyte definitely has a chance. He’s one of those guys that has an orthodox style, he has long arms and he punches with either hand, which makes him dangerous as a heavyweight.

“He’s going to do it early, he can’t let Fury pick up any kind of rhythm, because if he does, he’s going to make life very difficult for Dillian Whyte, so I hope Tyson Fury wins, but I think Dillian Whyte will have her moments and I think that will do better than people think.

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“He also has the punchers opportunity, which we’ve seen before when he faced Lucas Browne, he has a very heavy hand and when he faced Joseph Parker, he showed his power and also showed great recovery powers against Parker and weathered a few storms.”

“My prediction is that I would like Tyson Fury to win on points.”

Eddie Hearn, President of Matchroom: Whyte Win

“He’s a tremendous puncher, a big, strong, robust heavyweight. Tyson Fury, coming off the Wilder fight, went down twice in that fight.

“Wilder is a big puncher, of course, and Fury, right now on paper, is the best heavyweight in the world, but Dillian Whyte can beat every heavyweight on his night.

“He’s got the equalizer in that he’s a tremendous body puncher, a left hook that can also turn off your lights.

Hearn's backing his boy, Whyte

Hearn’s backing his boy, Whyte

“Fury is the favorite to go into the fight, but Dillian Whyte is a live dog in that fight and a lot of it is down to Tyson Fury’s hunger.

“He’s very hungry on Instagram, but when it comes down to it, how much do you want him?

“Dillian loves him very much, so I think he has a great opportunity.”

Conor Benn, welterweight – Whyte win

“Dillian Whyte definitely has a chance. You have to remember the tough fights [Fury] has had with Wilder, but then Whyte has been inactive. So it’s hard. They are the heavyweights. One punch can be a game changer, but Fury has shown that he has the power to punch, too.

“Listen, when you get hit with 17 or 18 rocks on the chin, you definitely know it. It’s a tough fight for both men. I’d like to think Whyte can win, but he wouldn’t be putting my money anywhere.

“I am undecided, I would not bet on this. I can see him going into the points and I think Whyte could win on points, I think so. He is sturdy, tough, he comes in and takes the fight to Fury. But, Fury is a fighting man, so it’s a great fight.”

Benn, whose father was no stranger to domestic strife, says he is undecided

Mark Robinson/Game Room

Benn, whose father was no stranger to domestic strife, says he is undecided

Ricky Hatton, former two-weight world champion – Victoria de Fury

“Let’s get it right, Dillian Whyte is not going to outrun Tyson Fury, he’s not going to outrun Tyson Fury in speed.

“Tyson, for a 6-foot-10 giant, is very versatile. He showed it in his last fight [against Deontay Wilder] and previous fights, which you can stand close to and mix it up. He can box southpaw, he can box orthodox, he can box from distance, he’s excellent defensively.

“So it doesn’t make sense for Dillian to go out thinking she can beat Tyson because she can’t. He has to go for the knockout and try to land that big punch. Tyson has been on his back several times. Dillian will know that he is capable of landing that and beating Tyson.”

“I think it’s about what Tyson Fury shows up.

Hatton believes the only way for Whyte to win is to go for the KO

Getty Images – Getty Images

Hatton believes the only way for Whyte to win is to go for the KO

“Tyson has been fighting like a 6’10’ Rocky Marciano lately. He wants to go to war and be in the trenches with everyone at the minute.

“For this fight, I think we’re going to see a little bit of the old Tyson Fury. Distance, you know, try to take Dillian down a little bit. Let the storm calm down a bit and then continue on the last few rounds.

“I think Dillian has to go in and go for the knockout because I can see him winning on points.”

Isaac Lowe, featherweight who has trained with Fury – Win Fury

“I see Tyson winning in five, max six rounds, but I expect it to be a bit of a shootout.

“Although he has been quiet on social media, I think Dillian had his head down, training for the biggest fight of his life, which is the right thing to do.

“I think he’s going to come in and give it his all, but Tyson, on his night, is the best in the world and he’s untouchable.

“All that matters is what frame of mind Tyson shows up in, whether he wants to have a slug fest, go southpaw, orthodox, front foot box, back foot box, we’ll have to see what frame of mind he’s in.” .

“Hopefully George the nutritionist will give him a nice breakfast and make him happy and ready to go.”

Joseph Parker, Former WBO Heavyweight Champion – Victory for Fury

“Tyson training camp has been great from what I’ve seen.

“He and his team have been doing their best and I think he is ready for this challenge ahead of him.

Parker is a long-time friend of Fury and a former two-time enemy of Whyte, but leaves with the Gypsy King.

Joseph Parker – Instagram

Parker is a long-time friend of Fury and a former two-time enemy of Whyte, but leaves with the Gypsy King.

“I have predicted that Tyson can get an early knockout. But Whyte is a handful.

“I know it’s very tough and you have to come to the game, but I don’t see him winning.”

Drew McIntyre, First British-Born WWE Champion: Fury Win

“Great night for British boxing. It’s heavyweight boxing, so anything can happen and Whyte has the knockout power, but this is Fury’s fight.

“Bigger, better boxer and he will just dance the whole fight hitting Whyte’s head. Fury at the points.

Dana White, President of the UFC – Victory for Fury

“I’ve heard a lot about Dillian Whyte, but I don’t know enough about him. I don’t want to disrespect him one way or another just because I don’t know enough, but I don’t know if I see anyone beating up Tyson Fury right now.”

Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion – Victory for Fury

“I like Tyson. I just don’t think anyone is hitting him anytime soon. That guy is just a special kind of human being from what I’ve seen over the year of him, his story is phenomenal.

Israel Adesanya calls Tyson Fury a

Israel Adesanya calls Tyson Fury a ‘phenomenal human being’

“He’s a different kind of beast, man. No one is beating him up for a long time.”

Tom Aspinall, UFC heavyweight who has trained with Fury – Win Fury

“I think Tyson is going to educate him.

“If anyone was going to beat Tyson, it would be Deontay Wilder and he’s had three tries and failed every time, so I think he’ll educate him. [Whyte] easily.”

talkSPORT will bring you live coverage of the big world heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte at Wembley on Saturday night, with our coverage starting at 7.30pm and featuring Ben Davison’s expert ringside analysis

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