Coronation Street fans ‘find out’ who’s to blame when Imran dies after car crash

Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street saw Imran Habeeb die after being involved in a tragic car accident with his new wife Toyah Battersby, but it’s not sure how the accident happened.

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Coronation Street: Imran receives CPR but is unresponsive

Coronation Street Actor Charlie De Melo has officially retired from the itv soap.

Wednesday night’s episode saw his character Imran Habeeb die after being involved in a car accident with his wife Toyah (Georgia Taylor).

The couple was driving home from the police station, but they are not entirely sure how the accident happened.

As paramedics loaded Toyah into the back of an ambulance, Imran insisted on going with her but collapsed trying to get into the vehicle.

Paramedics were seen trying to revive him and did so for about 15 minutes, but Imran was later confirmed to be deceased.

Coronation Street actor Charlie De Melo has officially dropped out of the ITV soap opera.

Toyah’s cousin, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), was present when the doctor broke the news to her, and she admitted that she did not remember much about the accident.

Later, a policeman visited Toyah in the hospital to ask her some questions, much to Leanne’s annoyance.

“Do you remember hitting the scaffolding?” the officer asked, to which she replied, “No, I was driving down Scallo Street and the next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance.

Imran managed to save his wife Toyah after the couple was involved in a car accident.

“Imran wanted to come with me and then he collapsed, I saw it,” he said in flashback.

“What do you think must have happened?” The officer then asked Toyah, who seemed confused.

“Maybe the car skidded or I lost focus for a second,” she replied, but the cop was quick to shut down her theory.

“There were no tire marks,” he said, as Leanne blurted out, “So?”

Toyah was shocked when a doctor told her about Imran’s death.

“Which means that the car did not slow down at all,” he continued, before adding: “It indicates that the brakes were not applied.”

A worried Toyah replied, “I must have hit the brakes,” as the officer asked, “But you don’t remember doing it. Can you think of any reason the brakes wouldn’t have worked?”

Leanne’s mind immediately went to Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), who had offered to fix Toyah’s car earlier that day when it wouldn’t start.

A police officer questioned Toyah at the hospital about how the car accident happened.

She also added Abi’s name to the mix as the officer reminded her that it was a “very serious accusation” as Toyah tried to wrap her head around the idea of ​​Kevin tampering with the brakes.

However, some viewers tuning in at home actually think it was Toyah who caused the car accident.

taking to Twitterone person wrote: “Wonder if Toyah found out about Imran and crashed the car with surprise #Corrie.”

Another said: “Wait. So big Kev fixed the car, does that mean it was Toyah’s fault #Corrie?”

Some Corrie fans have suggested that Toyah crashed the car on purpose.

A third viewer asked, “Toyah facing a dangerous driving death charge? #Corrie.”

And a fourth person posted: “Toyah crashed on purpose I bet. Hope we don’t have to wait months before they do flashbacks #Corrie.”

Another viewer tweeted: “#corrie hope Toyah caused the accident and she gets hit.”

Coronation Street airs at 7:30pm on ITV and ITV Hub every night this week.

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