Coach who takes Liverpool fans for £1 to Paris abandoned on M6 but perfect ‘Plan B’ emerges

The ‘cheapest coach in the UK’ that takes Liverpool fans to the Champions League final for £1 has been abandoned at an M6 service station, but it’s not all bad news.

Liverpool fan and YouTuber Simon Wilson bought a 22-year-old coach to take a bus full of fans to Paris after being horrified by the exorbitant price of ferry and flight fares.

Speaking earlier this week, Simon said: “ I bought the cheapest coach in the UK. that I could find. I was googling ‘cheap coaches’ and found this one.

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“We have wrapped the coach and put decals on it, for perspective, the decals have cost more than the coach. The guy we bought from seemed to be a really nice and helpful guy so that gave us a little bit of confidence but we’ll let you guys know if the trainer is decent if we get there.”

However, after starting Anfield Stadium for Melwood training camp yesterday, Simon soon encountered various problems.

Simon told the ECHO: “The coach was a bit dirty, it was like a sauna in there. There was no air conditioning, we were sweating just going from Anfield to Melwood and once we started we thought ‘this is going to be a long journey’ on a coach with 50 people where no you can open the windows.

The other problem was the manager’s age, Simon added: “We left Anfield at 10.30am and everything was arranged with the insurance.

“However, I was still waiting for confirmation that the bus would be ok to drive in Europe, it was ok in the UK but it was debatable in Europe, but they told me it would be ok so it was all good.”

Liverpool fan Simon said that
Liverpool fan Simon said he ‘just wanted to help the fans’

“[The insurance] He said it would be sorted out by the morning we were leaving so I figured we wouldn’t be out until 10.30am, we’d be driving all day so even worst case by the time we get to Dover it’ll be done.

“But as time went on, I was making calls, it seemed less likely to happen. Then I started to worry because a lot of people on the bus had tickets, a lot of people were excited to go, so there was no option not to be in Paris.” .

Simon continued: “When we stopped for a tour of Melwood we thought we’d wait here until we get the green light, anyway it turns out there’s a lot more, there’s a low emission zone in Paris. The coach was over 22 years old. therefore, it does not comply with the emission standards in force in Paris.

“I made the decision that we’re going to have to have a Plan B. So I made some calls, but considering I’m not a coaching expert, I’ve never learned as much about coaching in the last week as I have in my entire life.

“We managed to find another coach that met the criteria for Paris so I took everyone by minibus from the Melwood services to Lymm, then the driver went to pick up another coach, he came back to the services and we all headed south from there. .”

However, the drama didn’t stop there as after the delays, Simon and fans missed their ferry. Simon said: “We missed the ferry but again you couldn’t write it down, thoughts become things.

Simon (central defender) with cheering fans on the new coach to Paris
Simon (central defender) with cheering fans on the new coach to Paris

“I called the ferry company to be told there was a cancellation on a ferry a little later, so they changed our reservation to the latter.

“We just arrived and managed to get on the ferry and arrived at this little hotel in the middle of nowhere in France at 4am.”

Despite the long journey and the extra cost, Simon has kept his word and by the end of the afternoon he will have taken the Liverpool FC fans from Anfield to Paris after only charging them £1.

Simon joked: ” I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy after this trip, but all credit to everyone on the bus. all of them have been buzzing and even at 3:40 am they were still singing Liverpool songs.

“Y At the end of the day, the captain goes down with the ship, so I won’t abandon the car we’re in now, although I wish we were in the other one.”

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