Coach Innovations releases full statement and issues refund update while fans are ‘stranded’

Coach Innovations has issued a full statement and refund update after LFC fans were “stranded” outside the Rocket.

Huge groups of reds were left waiting for hours at rocket crossing on Friday May 28, for pre-booked coaches to take them to Paris. After hours of waiting, many were devastated when they reported that five empty coaches stopped near the crowd before driving on.

About eight hours after the fans were supposed to be picked up, a coach was dispatched. But in this moment, supporters say they had already been told to go home and the coach picked up just six people.

Following customer complaints, Coach Innovations has now issued a full statement regarding the issues. A spokesman for the company said that “they did not advertise any trips to Paris” and that “the 20 coaches were quickly filled by personal recommendations and word of mouth from customers who had previously traveled with us”.

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A section of Trainer Innovations featured a “Liverpool to Paris” section on the home page of the company’s website. The company’s statement regarding the delayed coaches read: “All seven coaches who departed on Thursday left without a problem. On Friday, the day started as planned with confirmation that all coaches had left their bases and now en route to Liverpool”.

“What we couldn’t have foreseen was the unprecedented traffic chaos across the country. Many of our coaches were coming from South Wales, which was experiencing severe traffic problems traveling to Liverpool.”

“As some coaches were running late, the staff on the field were thinking on their feet, as the coaches arrived at Rice Lane (which was the bulk of our customers), the staff were dealing with a rush of people rushing the coaches and they filled every seat when they arrived Once Rice Lane was completely clear, a driver reported that the Rocket had already been cleared.

“However, this was clearly not the case and it did not help. There were a number of passengers still waiting at the Rocket and other departure points. We immediately dispatched another bus to begin picking up the remaining customers from all departure points from Liverpool to Dover. However, they are aware, by that time some customers had already returned home.”

Regarding claims of underreporting of delays, a Coach Innovations spokesperson said: “After leaving Liverpool, passengers on many coaches experienced the chaos of traffic first-hand with more motorway closures due to accidents and long delays at Dover.

“We have years of experience transporting thousands of fans from different clubs to big European matches and European Cup finals. On departure days we always have 2/3 of the staff available to receive a reduced number of calls. On this occasion, due Due to coach delays we were receiving many more calls than usual, leaving many people struggling to communicate.

“Unfortunately, the lack of information meant that some people did not travel to Paris with us. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was unable to communicate and will get back to you shortly.”

The coach company also addressed that there was a fake Twitter and other social media accounts claiming to be Coach Innovations. It read: “As far as we can determine, some of these sites suggest that Coach Innovations was a fake company set up to mislead Liverpool fans. If this was the case, we didn’t do a very good job.”

“We flew over 1,100 reds to Paris and are in the process of reimbursing anyone who didn’t travel. We really can’t do much to stop the fake news and conspiracy theories.” He said the company’s only social media page is its Facebook page and he will “work hard” to have fake accounts removed.

The statement concluded that Coach Innovations will reach out to those affected directly for a “further explanation and personal apology.” A spokesman said: “We have previously taken over 12,000 fans to European Cup matches in the last 15 years, and many more to English domestic cup finals, play-off finals etc. Just A few weeks we had a total of 11 Liverpool managers. fans to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals and final.

“We understand what football means to the people of Liverpool. While we did our best to get everyone to come to Paris, we understand that some people didn’t make it. The fact that it was a small number is no consolation at all.”

“Given the importance of this game, an apology here would be pointless. We will be contacting you directly shortly with a more detailed explanation and a personal apology. Finally, we apologize to everyone who experienced delays, not just leaving your selection. up to points but also en route to Dover. We hope you can understand that these delays were completely out of our control.

Coach Innovations has said its priority is to ensure that anyone who did not travel is contacted and gets a full refund as soon as possible.

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