Caroline Stanbury’s Return From ‘RHODubai, Her New Husband & Her Net Worth

Caroline Stanbury knows a thing or two about the world of reality TV. Having starred in Bravo’s ladies of london a few years ago, and making an extended appearance on Los Angeles million dollar listingCaroline is back in action with the Real Housewives of Dubai. And it promises to be a season full of drama. Still, Caroline knows exactly what she’s getting herself into and she’s not going to hold back.

While the UK native had yet to watch the new show when she sat down with women’s health, talked about his decision to return to the world of reality TV and how it has changed over the years. So without further ado, let’s catch up with Caroline Stanbury, a Reformed Lady from London and a new housewife from Dubai.

Fans have a lot to catch up on in Caroline’s life.

Since the 2014 season 1 debut of ladies of london, life looks different for Caroline. She’s the queen of a new city, she’s got a new husband and she’s softened the edges a bit. “I’ve probably become a better person, a nicer person,” she says, noting that her life was incredibly hectic while she was filming. LOL all those years ago. “I think I have a little more time to myself now,” she says. “I said I wouldn’t do it again, but now I’m busier than ever and more successful than ever, which is really exciting.”

Caroline hosts a podcast called “Divorced Not Dead,” is a luxury brand ambassador, and recently launched a new shoe collection, according to her. Bravo Biography

Caroline says she now has a “new life” that she calls “much smoother” and “much less regimented.” And she is focusing more on herself these days. “It’s much less about other people and more about me,” she explains.

She has fallen in love with a former Real Madrid soccer player.

There’s a handsome new man in Caroline’s life! When everyone met her LOL, Caroline was married to financier Cem Habib, with whom she has three children. She eventually got divorced in 2019 and now she is married to former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carrallo. And boy, are they still in the honeymoon phase! “Married life is amazing, really,” says Caroline.

Now, after wrapping up filming for season 1, the lovebirds are busy nesting. “We just bought our first house together,” says Caroline. WH. The couple have an age difference of nearly twenty years during filming (Sergio is 27 to Caroline’s 45), and they have plunged headlong into their life together. “It’s kind of like a replay. I’m like reliving my youth all over again with him,” says Caroline.

While Caroline is certainly not the only one to make a home in Dubai as an expat, their age-defying love is. “There are not many women in the Middle East married to a man who is 20 years younger. But there are plenty of men married to women 20 years younger. So, I’m definitely breaking a social norm.”

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She hopes the Housewives can reframe the way people think of Dubai.

When it was first learned that the housewives franchise would head to Dubai, a few fans raised concerns about LGBTQ+ and gender equity issues in the city. (The United Arab Emirates is very intolerant of the gay community, with the threat of going to jail). Still, generally speaking, Caroline insists that Dubai is “very tolerant”, adding: “I’m a luxury brand ambassador, I’m married to a young guy and I’m divorced. A few years ago, I couldn’t have lived with him before we got married. Things are changing at such a speed that I think Housewives of Dubai will re-educate people on what it looks like here. We are not chained and tied to camels in the desert. We live very cosmopolitan and cool lives.”

About 85 percent of the city is made up of expats living outside of their home country, according to the World Population Review. “Dubai is very multicultural,” says Caroline. “It’s like a melting pot of different people. All kinds of walks of life live here. I mean, if you had told me that there would be Jews and Muslims living in the same city here, 10 years ago, everyone would have said, ‘No way.’ You will see how far it has come. Everyone is here.”

But there are different ‘rules’ of life in Dubai that housewives have to navigate.

There are no glasses of wine at soccer games for these housewives. You can really only drink alcohol in Dubai if you are at home or in a licensed place. “Each home has a license,” says Caroline. “You just have to think a little differently.” And that also applies to her clothes and actions outside the house.

“If I want to wear shorts, I can wear them to the beach. I don’t wear them to a mall, but out of respect, right?” she says. “I can’t kiss in public and snuggle in public, but I don’t particularly want to see people smooching in public, so I’m fine.”

But, Caroline says, “I they can lie in bed with all my windows open and put all my diamonds by the bed without fear of them being stolen. me they can losing my son in a public place and not having a total meltdown, because he’ll be back.” She called these compensations “invaluable.”

“If I have to think about ordering my alcohol legally, the right way, instead of being robbed in bed at gunpoint, I don’t care,” he says. “These rules are here to protect you and then once you learn them, they’re not that hard.” Housewives play by the rules, “but genuinely, we all live super well, sup fine,” he added.

She’s an old pro on the whole reality TV thing.

Being on a reality show is like normal life with “an extra layer,” Caroline explains.

That means working on going through all of your usual private routines naturally, even if someone is filming at all times, she says. Still, sometimes the camera doesn’t capture the whole person. When asked what the shows don’t capture about her personality, Caroline says that “sometimes maybe your softer side doesn’t come out, or you’re so militant because you’re so busy.”

Still, she explains that it’s hard No to be authentic. “Life is so fast here that you don’t really have time to hide anything. It’s not like you can present yourself completely differently. I mean, I certainly can’t, I can’t speak for the other girls, but I can’t be someone I’m not.

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When looking at herself during an episode, she says that she just assumes the role of a “spectator”, enjoying the show like anyone else. Caroline learned a long time ago that she wouldn’t be able to control the camera to show all the best angles of her, but newer girls may have more trouble adjusting.

She is also worth millions.

Caroline is not playing. celebrity net worth reports that she is worth around $30 million. As for business ventures, in 2008, she launched a luxury goods company called Gift Library, but has since closed.

She wouldn’t be opposed to another season of RHODubai…depending on how this one goes.

No news yet on whether RHODubai will be greenlit for another season, but Caroline hopes so.

“I feel like this show is so good that even if we were to lie in the desert and do nothing, everyone would watch it just because they’re fascinated,” he says. “If they asked me to come back, of course I would love to come back.”

But first, he says everyone should see how the first few episodes go when they drop on June 1. “Let’s talk about that in a few months,” adds Caroline.

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