Britain’s Got Talent stars Les Sancho’s reality TV past revealed amid a show-fix row about professional acts

BRITAIN’S Got Talent favorite Les Sancho is no stranger to reality TV, as the show remains cloaked in a ‘fix row’.

The eight-person French dance troupe made up of teachers from Marseille brought everyone to their feet with their high-energy performance full of twists and turns.

French dance group Les Sancho wowed audiences on the comeback episode of Britain's Got Talent


French dance group Les Sancho wowed audiences on the comeback episode of Britain’s Got TalentCredit: ITV

Les Sancho delivered a hilarious, genre-changing performance filled with dazzling moves and humor.

The group described their experience at BGT as “next level”, after appearing on the French version of the talent show franchise.

Dubbed La France A Un Incroyable Talent, the dancing boys were so loved they earned the Golden Buzzer.

While they didn’t get Golden Buzzer in the UK version, those watching from home argued that they were worth it.

“Should have gotten a gold buzzer,” one viewer tweeted.

“Once they started dancing like they did at first I thought oh god we’ve seen it year after year but when Boubou came out it was a laugh. Really good,” added another.

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BGT star Loren Allred responds to fix queue by saying 'I risked everything'

Les Sancho’s past success comes amid an ongoing ‘fix row’, as BGT fans have complained about the number of professional acts on the show.

On the debut show this weekend, professional singer Loren Alred he received the golden buzzer after surprising the judges with his singing voice.

Later revealed as the voice behind The Greatest Showman’s song Never Enough, the American-born singer made it straight to the finale thanks to her Amanda Holden golden buzzer.

Fans furiously took to social media to complain that it was “unfair” and calls the program “a solution” while Loren, 32, sailed.

They also complained when the second golden buzzer went to comedian Axel Blake.

His sharp observational comedy earned him the prestigious Golden Buzzer, but he has previously performed on SBTV and UNILAD and gone viral with his comedy skits.

The father of two even has his own Amazon Prime show called Axel Blake: I’m Not Gonna Lie, which he taped at Indig02 in London.

“No this is a joke, he already has his own show and tours,” one viewer tweeted.

But judge and creator BGT Simon Cowell, 62, he exclusively told The Sun that there will be FEWER professional acts on the show than ever before.

He also replied that he was pleased that artists from all over the world were taking to the stage in the UK as part of the competition.

“This year there are fewer professional people,” he explained. “That’s where we started the show all those years ago.

“We started by opening the show to anyone, regardless of a day job or hidden talent they want to show the world.”

“This is the place to do it and, thank God, that’s the show it’s become. We don’t really have any rules about it,” Simon continued.

“Wherever you’re from, whatever you do, you’re welcome,” the father-of-one added, explaining that the “appeal” of the UK show was likely due to the global stage on social media.

“A lot of these acts appear on the British or American show after traveling thousands of miles because these clips go viral,” Simon said.

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“It’s not just about being seen in the UK, if one of these auditions shows up, it can be seen by hundreds of millions of people.

“When you get those mega clips, your career can start. I guess it could happen with the girl who gets the golden buzzer.”

The dance teachers also appeared in the French version of the franchise.


The dance teachers also appeared in the French version of the franchise.Credit: eroteme
They got the golden buzzer in the French version.


They got the golden buzzer in the French version.Credit: ITV
And even though they didn't get the golden buzzer this time, the judges loved their performance.


And even though they didn’t get the golden buzzer this time, the judges loved their performance.Credit: eroteme

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