Boxing Champion Oscar De La Hoya Sued Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Oscar De La Hoya is being sued by a former employee of Empresas Casa México, a tequila company of which he is a partner, who says the former world boxing champion sexually assaulted her twice in 2020, once during a company event and another time at his residence. .

The crossover lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by USA TODAY Sports. It includes 11 complaints, alleging sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, wrongful termination, and fraud.

Gina Ruccione says in the lawsuit that in March 2020 Casa México organized a corporate event in Mexico to visit the tequila distillery and create advertising and marketing materials. The event was attended by sports and entertainment partners, including actor Mario López.

She says she went back to her hotel room the first night and was woken up by De La Hoya banging on the door. After opening the door, De La Hoya allegedly pulled his pants down to his ankles, entered the room and got into Ruccione’s bed.

Ruccione says he pushed De La Hoya out of bed, walked him to his room, opened the door and went back to his room.

The next morning Ruccione was in charge of managing the activities of the Casa México trip. She went to De La Hoya’s room to wake him up since she did not show up with the rest of the group.

Oscar De La Hoya is the subject of a sexual assault lawsuit in 2020.

In response to her knocking on the door, De La Hoya pushed her onto his bed and allegedly sexually assaulted her. Ruccione says the company took no action after she told then-CEO Eric Gerardo Leyva-Buccio about the assault, according to the suit.

USA TODAY Sports does not name possible victims of sexual misconduct, but Ruccione has made their identity public.

Shortly after the group returned to Los Angeles, Ruccione and several others went to dinner and then to De La Hoya’s home. At one point, De La Hoya was alone with Ruccione and allegedly retrieved a sex object and forcibly inserted it into her. She also says that during her employment at Casa Mexico, her supervisors repeatedly “subjected her to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.”

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