Boxer Ebanie Bridges forced to defend social media post after school shooting

Bantamweight world champion Bridges posted a message mocking a fan for his gun control tweet, and was forced to correct the record in a tweet the next day.

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Shannon Courtenay talks Jamie Mitchell and Ebanie Bridges

World champion boxer Ebanie Bridges has been forced to defend a tweet she posted about gun control after 19 children were killed in a school shooting.

Bridges, who won her world title in March against María Cecilia Román, was responding to a fan who claimed that gun control meant “only the government had guns” when he made an off-color comment about Australia and the UK not they have “school shootings”. And within 24 hours he had to clarify the message by telling fans that he missed the context in his initial tweet.

The boxer had initially tweeted that “America really needs to change its f***ing gun laws,” in a post after the Robb Elementary School shooting that saw 19 children and two adults killed. Seventeen others were injured in the tragic shooting, the 27th at a school this year.

Most responses to the tweet supported Australia’s position, but one fan disagreed, sharing a meme that said “‘gun control’ means only the government will have guns, and if you’re ignorant enough to believe that is a good idea, then you really need to read some history books.”

Bridges responded with a series of laughing emojis, saying “Australia and the UK are fine… At least we don’t have mass shootings in schools every few months.”

The response proved incredibly controversial, with one fan sharing a photo of the children killed in the shooting, saying, “I wonder if the parents and families of these children would find this funny?” Another fan replied “Why are you laughing and talking about school shootings in the same sentence?”

Bridges then re-shared his tweet, with a screenshot of the meme and the caption, “This was a response to this, again taken out of context. I was laughing at this chump who thinks gun control is bad. Australia and the UK have strict gun laws which is why we don’t have mass shootings! No malice, I’m just emphasizing how this fear of gun control is not necessary while it works!

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Ebanie Bridges took to social media to defend herself



Fans were generally supportive of Bridges, with one replying, “Given the repeated mass shootings in the US, why don’t people think it’s worth a try? Like you said, the UK, Australia have had mass shootings in the past, but they acted, they introduced strict regulations, strict penalties. Result: no mass shootings.”

Another said: “Social media – where the 50 percent can’t understand the context and most of the rest don’t care about the context because they’re getting mad. You could have phrased it better to avoid misunderstandings but I never thought for a second that you You were laughing at something other than the guy.”

Bridges plans to fight multiple times in 2022, and Eddie Hearn says he can see her compete three more times before the end of the year. She moved from Australia to the UK to train with Mark Tibbs, who guided her to world title glory in March.

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