Billi Mucklow Breaks Silence About Fiance Andy Carroll’s Bed Smacking With Blonde Lookalike

Friends of Billi Mucklow have called her fiancé Andy Carroll’s behavior “embarrassing with the wedding so close”.

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Andy Carroll and Billi Mucklow at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2015

Billi Mucklow has broken her silence after her fiancé Andy Carroll was photographed lying in bed with another woman two weeks before their wedding.

The former TOWIE star was busy celebrating her bachelorette party in Dubai last week, but soon-to-be husband Andy and a group of his friends crashed the festivities. Since then, Billi has returned home.

Former England striker Andy, 33, enjoyed a wild day out with Scarborough bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkey, 27, who is the blonde Billi look-alike, after he flew in to meet his future wife.

And it appears that Taylor ended up in the footballer’s bed after he invited her and two friends to his hotel room for an after party.

Taylor Jane Wilkey and Andy Carroll lie next to each other in bed, though she insists nothing happened.

Andy pictured with his future wife Billi Mucklow


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She was photographed in her custom gown, which went viral.

Billi’s friends have now spoken out about Andy’s “embarrassing” behavior, especially as the wedding is just around the corner.

They said Sun : “This is all very embarrassing with the wedding so close.”

Andy was reunited with his wife last week before she flew home with her friends.

They share two children together



Two days after his departure, the former Newcastle and West Ham man had his own stag party celebrations.

Andy and his friends spent the day drinking with Taylor at Cove Beach around noon, before he invited Taylor and his friends to join them at a different bar.

The group then ventured back to their hotel room to continue the party.

Photos from the night were shared on Snapchat, with shots of Andy looking worse off and one of Taylor wearing her custom gown.

Despite Billi breaking her silence, Taylor insists the night was “a completely innocent bit of fun.”

She told the publication that the photo was taken Wednesday night as “a joke.”

Taylor took a selfie in her custom gown

Andy and Billi met again in Dubai



The bar manager confirmed that he had partied with Andy and his friends, including Newcastle United defender Paul Dummett and goalkeeper Mark Gillespie, before returning to his room.

Taylor said, “It was an after party. We all went back to his hotel. There was Andy, my friend, and me.”

“I did not sleep with him, it was not like that, there were three of us in the room.

“It was a full day and night of drinking, we had been in Cove Beach since 12, it was a very drunk day. Andy was fuming, we were all drunk.”

Explaining what happened when they got back to the hotel suite, Taylor said they “played some music before Andy got into bed and passed out.”

She said she was there with her friend “until the wee hours” and took the photo as a joke because her housemates were teasing her about the truth.

Billi’s bachelorette party took place in Dubai



Taylor insists nothing sexual happened and that it was “just a bit of a joke.”

Talking about wearing her robe, Taylor states that she wanted to sleep, so she took her dress off in the bathroom before putting it on.

“At the end of the day, nothing happened that could ruin their relationship. It was just a little fun,” Taylor concluded.

Andy and Billi are getting married in the next two weeks. They share two children together.

The Mirror has contacted representatives for Billi and Andy for comment.

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