93% of the IT industry will adopt cloud technology within five years

The majority of companies (93%) are adopting a hybrid of cloud and on-premises solutions, or migrating completely to the cloud within five years.

This is according to a Hornetsecurity hybrid cloud adoption survey of over 900 IT professionals based primarily in Europe, North America and Europe.

Half of the respondents (51%) reported that they will be “cloud-first” in five years, with one or two workloads remaining on-premises. 28% of respondents said they will remain ‘mostly on-premises’, with one or two workloads in the cloud.

While 29% of respondents said they are using hybrid cloud solutions as a stepping stone to a full cloud environment, 67% of respondents see hybrid as a final destination for their infrastructure due to the workloads they must stay on the premises. The rest affirm to remain 100% in the facilities.

When asked why companies remain on-premises, many respondents cited concerns about data control, security, and cost with cloud technology.

The Hybrid Cloud Adoption Survey also found that trust issues with public cloud are present in businesses of all sizes, with 31-36% of all business size categories surveyed reporting concerns.

The survey also shows that with experience comes more mistrust of the public cloud. Respondents with more than 20 years of experience were more likely to express concerns about the reliability of cloud platforms (34%) than those with one to five years of experience (24%). Half of all respondents cited “legacy systems or software” as another important reason why certain workloads should remain on-premises, while “application compatibility” was reported as a barrier to cloud migration for 4 out of 10 companies.

Industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CMMC, among others, were also cited as a barrier to cloud adoption by 29% of respondents.

Businesses say they are holding back from full cloud migration due to lack of “technical knowledge or certified staff” (48%), difficulties with “applying best practices within the business” (33%), connectivity problems (33%). and ‘secure access’ (29%).

The most common workload that prevented IT departments from moving all services to the cloud was “Imaging and printing services” (55%). Databases, file storage, and application services are also cited as reasons for staying partially on-premises, with 50%, 45%, and 43% of respondents saying so, respectively.

Hornetsecurity’s survey reveals that hybrid cloud solutions still present several challenges. Chief among these is ‘monitoring and security’, with half of respondents expressing concerns in this area. ‘Networks and connectivity’ is another concern shared by nearly half of all respondents (48%). Finally, ‘training and certification’, ‘manageability and tools’ and ‘resiliency and data recovery’ are also included in the concerns shared by 35%, 35% and 33% of respondents, respectively.

47% of respondents who are part of internal IT teams reported that they see their workloads ‘mainly in the cloud’ in 5 years, compared to 52% of respondents whose company uses MSP services and 54% of those respondents who work in MSP. Internal IT departments report a lack of trust in cloud services at about the same rate as those using MSP services, at 34% and 33% respectively.

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