5G Home Internet Comparison: T-Mobile vs Verizon

5G home internet competition in the US is heating up and providers like T Mobile Y Verizon They are offering great incentives to attract customers. Follow each provider’s speed, pricing, and fine details in our 5G home internet comparison.


It’s been about a year since Verizon and T-Mobile launched their 5G home internet services, and both are gaining momentum.

T-Mobile recently said that its 5G home internet is available for 40 million homes and Verizon shared in January that its 5G home internet is available for $20 million.

While Verizon increased their incentives in January with offers like 50% off for existing customers, T-Mobile Announced its own similar promotions beginnings of May.

AT&T does not have 5G home internet, but does offer a 4G home internet for rural customers and businesses. While it lags far behind Verizon and T-Mobile across the board, we’ll include it in the comparisons below for reference.

5G Home Internet Comparison: T-Mobile vs Verizon


Verizon offers the fastest potential speeds for both downloads and uploads, while T MobileThe service is more widely available.

With both, keep in mind that your average 5G speeds will vary based on your location and coverage. And yes, AT&T’s 4G home internet is abysmally slow.

5G home internet T Mobile Verizon AT&T (4G only)
download speeds 33 to 182Mbps 85 to 1000Mbps 10 to 25Mbps
upload speeds 8 to 25Mbps 10 to 50Mbps up to 1Mbps

One more thing, to get access to download speeds of 300-1,000 Mbps with Verizon, you’ll need to choose your 5G Home Plus plan.

Pricing, configuration, fine details

Both T-Mobile and Verizon offer very affordable prices, especially for customers who bundle an eligible cell plan. That brings T-Mobile’s 5G home internet down to $30/month and Verizon’s is even cheaper at $25/month.

Even if you don’t have your smartphone service through either of them, plans are still affordable with T-Mobile and Verizon, both at $50/mo with auto pay.

5G Home Internet Details T Mobile Verizon AT&T
Price with cellular plan $30/month $25-35/month $59.99/month
Price without cell plan $50/month $50-70/month $69.99/month
Taxes and fees Included Included Extra
data limit 350 IT IS
auto configuration
installation fee $99
price lock Lifetime 2-3 years

AT&T’s offering is not only more expensive, but much slower, has a data cap, and requires a $99 setup.


Both T-Mobile and Verizon have a tantalizing list of incentives for customers to abandon traditional broadband providers.

Both make the switch free by covering up to $500 in early termination fees, have free trials, and offer additional perks like free streaming devices and streaming services.

5G home internet incentives T Mobile Verizon AT&T
Free Trial ✅ – 15 days ✅ – 30 days
Up to $500 for early term fees
Free streaming device
T-Mobile Tuesday Benefits
Free Disney+ package up to 1 year
Paramount+ free for one year

Verizon offers its own Stream TV box for free, while T-Mobile offers $50 that can be used for any streaming device, including Apple TV.

5G Home Internet Comparison Summary

With T-Mobile and Verizon hard at work on compelling 5G home internet service, consumers benefit from affordable prices, free trials, no contracts and more.

Hopefully, with more C-band 5G coverage launching this year, we’ll see AT&T officially enter the 5G home internet space, bringing more choice and competition.

At this point, if you’re not happy with your broadband provider, it’s easy to take a risk-free trial with T-Mobile or Verizon 5G Home Internet, and you can even try it alongside your current Internet.

It’s hard to say if there’s a clear winner between T-Mobile and Verizon. T-Mobile earns points for increased availability and a fixed price for life. And Verizon leads the pack with cheaper pricing for packages and faster overall speeds.

look if T Mobile either Verizon5G Home Internet is available in your area.

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